March 8, 2021

The round of consultations to the Madrid Assembly groups concludes today

The round of consultations with the parliamentary groups of the Madrid Assembly, started yesterday with United Podemos, Vox and More Madrid, will continue this Tuesday with Citizens (11.00), PP (11.30) and PSOE (12.00) and is the pre-plenary step of endowment

When the round ends, the president of the Madrid Assembly, Juan Trinidad (Cs), will summon the date of the investiture plenary session in which he will foreseeably propose Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of the PP, as a candidate.

This is the third round of contacts promoted by the president of the regional Parliament, after the two that preceded the investiture plenary on July 10, which had no candidate because no candidate guaranteed the necessary support to be invested.

Díaz Ayuso does now have enough support to be invested after the yes they gave last Thursday the PP and Citizens to the "final" document presented by Vox, which lowered some of the initial requirements of the Rocío Monasterio group by not including, between other issues, the review of regional LGTBI laws.

Díaz Ayuso will govern in coalition with Citizens, led by Ignacio Aguado, while Vox will be in opposition.

The spokeswoman for Vox at the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, confirmed yesterday to the president of the regional Parliament his support for the investiture of Díaz Ayuso and warned that although they do not assume the program agreed by PP and Citizens, these parties will have to assume the of Vox.

"We do not assume the 155-point program, but they are going to assume ours," Monasterio warned at a press conference after meeting with the president of the Chamber, Juan Trinidad, who also received the spokesmen for More Madrid ( Íñigo Errejón) and Unidos Podemos (Isa Serra).

"We believe that we do a better role in the opposition watching what PP and Citizens do. We will demand compliance with our measures," Monasterio stressed in relation to the document he presented on Thursday to unlock the investiture and that they finally accepted both verbally the PP as Citizens.

The measures included in this document will join the Government's program with the 155 proposals agreed between PP and Citizens, formations to which Monasterio has criticized for "creating new armchairs", going from nine to thirteen councils.

The spokesman for More Madrid in the Assembly, Íñigo Errejón, predicted four more years of "extension" to a political formation, the PP, which "all courts say they find serious evidence that it has been illegally funded at least since 2003 ".

Errejón focused his attacks on PP and his partners emphasizing the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office to impute the Madrid presidents Esperanza Aguirre and Cristina Cifuentes in the piece of the Punic case that investigates the alleged irregular financing of the PP in Madrid.

"Under these conditions, Ayuso and the PP cannot be invested. For democratic hygiene, this investiture should not take place. We believe that PP's government partners should lose their faces of shame," he said.

The spokeswoman for United We, Isa Serra, meanwhile, reproached Citizens that, after agreeing with the PP, does not seem to "care" the request for imputation of Cifuentes and Aguirre, and added that "who became illusions" with the party Orange is "an illusionary."

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