October 25, 2020

the rough debate between Trump and Biden, in five moments

The first debate of the 2020 presidential campaign has been a collection of reasons for not holding electoral debates. The candidates have been insulted, they have been interrupted without stopping, one of them has attacked the family of the other and the moderator was about to jump out of the window at every step. These are five moments left by the show we have attended.

"Are you going to shut up, man?": the tough debate between Trump and Biden, in five moments

“Are you going to shut up, man?”: The tough debate between Trump and Biden, in five moments

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Trump justifies supremacist violence and encourages nationalists

The moderator has asked the president directly if he condemned violent white nationalists and their militias. Trump has responded that he was willing, but that “almost everything he sees is from the left.” When asked specifically by the white nationalist group Proud Boys, he has asked them to “step back and be prepared,” a phrase that has been highly celebrated in far-right forums from the USA. He added that “someone has to do something against Antifa and the left, this is not a problem of the right, it is a problem of the left.”


A desperate moderator

At times the debate was practically unintelligible. Trump’s interruptions have been constant and there have been times when the two protagonists and the moderator were yelling at each other at the same time. Chris Wallace has reminded Trump of the rules on several occasions and Biden has asked him if he was going to shut his mouth – “Are you going to shut up, man?” – but the result has been gibberish that is difficult to understand in English and absolutely impossible. for those who follow the simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Trump goes after Biden’s kids

The Democratic candidate was talking about accusations to Trump of mocking and calling war veterans “losers.” When he remembered his son Beau, who was in the military and died of cancer a few years ago, Trump has interrupted him to say that “I do not know”, but that he did know his other son, Hunter Biden, whom he has accused of having been expelled from the armed forces for taking drugs.

Throughout the debate the president has repeatedly singled out Biden’s son for receiving money from abroad, although an investigation led by Republicans in the Senate found no irregularity in his conduct or in that of the vice president.

Biden loses his temper and insults Trump

The former vice president has given serious insults to his rival. Called him “Putin’s pet” and also a liar. However, the moment of greatest tension has come when, clearly annoyed with Trump’s interruptions, he has said: “It is difficult to sneak a word with this clown”. He corrected himself immediately and added “sorry, with this person.”

Trump questions democratic elections in the US

It is not every day that a president denounces that elections in his own country “They will be a fraud as has never been seen”. Trump has made several serious accusations during the debate, although studies make it clear that the incidence of electoral fraud in voting by mail in the US is almost negligible. When asked directly if he invited his supporters to be calm and not to make street disturbances during the counts, he has simply asked them “to go to the voting centers and observe very carefully.”


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