June 16, 2021

The Rolling Stones release their first indito song in 8 years: ‘Living in a Ghost Town’ – La Provincia

The Rolling Stones published this Thursday ‘Living in a Ghost Town‘, his first song in eight years, from those’ Doom and Gloom ‘and’ One More Shot ‘from his compilation GRRR! (2012).

‘Living in a Ghost Town’ is his way of facing confinement and has been composed of the usual tandem composed of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and recorded in isolation in Los Angeles and London.

“We were recording new material in the studio before quarantine and there was a song that we thought had a special resonance given the circumstances that we are going to live, “explains Jagger.

Richards, for his part, adds: “We recorded the issue a year ago in L.A. for our new album, a project we are still working on. Then the shit splashed all of us and Mick and I decided that the song should be released now and here it is. “

Drummer Charlie Watts note that the generalized “pick up mood” theme in times of coronavirus, while Ron Wood finishes: “Here we have a new theme for you that we hope you enjoy. It’s a captivating melody

The theme is recorded by Mick Jagger (voice / harmonica / guitar / backing vocals), Keith Richards (guitar / backing vocals) Charlie Watts (drums), Ronnie Wood (guitar / backing vocals), Darryl Jones (bass) and Matt Clifford (keyboards, horn , sax, flugelhorn).


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