Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

The Rocasa, the final EHF Challenge Cup through the big door - The Province

The Rocasa, the final EHF Challenge Cup through the big door - The Province

The Rocasa Gran Canaria will dispute your second consecutive final of the EHF Challenge Cup after achieving victory before the Kristianstad Handboll by 20-31. Partidazo of the 'guerreras' grancanarias, that arrived at the shock back of the semifinals with a five goal advantage of the Going match, when they were imposed in the Antonio Moreno Pavilion by 22-17.

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The Telden team controlled the meeting almost from the beginning with a great defense and one high efficiency in attack, to sign a unforgettable week with three victories of vital importance for him outcome of the League and of the continental competition.

The grancanarian pivot Haridian Rodríguez He played an immense match. I note ten goals and received the trophy to the best player of the match. At offensive section, also excelled Sayna Mbengue with eight targets.

The Swedish set He put himself ahead with a 4-3 out, but Sayna Mbenge tuned the aim to tie with a strong lash (4-4) exceeded the first five minutes. Is equality continued in the electronic (6-6, 8-8 and 10-10), until the Rocasa unbalanced the scales in his favor with a partial 0-4 after a countercited by Melania Falcón in the minute 25 (10-14).

Shortly after, Haridian Rodríguez I would write his fourth goal from the penalty spot to further enlarge the gap (10-16). At rest and after several interventions of merit of the caretaker Silvia Navarro, the Gran Canaria team set the pace on the scoreboard with six goals of income (11-17).

In the second half, the locals they went out with the purpose of lowering the disadvantage and they achieved it with a 6-3 of partial and one more aggressive defense. The two exclusions suffered by the Rocasa they also helped (16-19), but minutes later order was restored on the court with a new visitor arreón (17-21).

When passing by Ecuador of the second half, Silvia Navarro would appear again with two big stops (19-24). From this moment, the Telden team broke down to finish off kill the match and the tie with quality minutes from all your players.

A) Yes, the concierge Dara Hernández, with a couple of good interventions, Yraya Machín and Arinegua Pérez, with a goal each, they joined the goal-scoring party with which Rocasa far surpassed the Kristianstad Handboll put the head in the final of the EHF Challenge Cup 2019.

Data sheet

Kristianstad Hanboll, 20: Kudlackova, Nilsson (3), Efraimsson (1), Carlstrom (6), Mansson (1), Weinselbilderova (5) and Jovanovska (2). They also played Hilli, Birberg (1) Jacobssen (1), Gunnarson, Persson and Afram.

Rocasa Gran Canaria, 31: Silvia Navarro, Melania Falcón (1), Manuela Pizzo (1), Lissandra Lussón (2), Tiddara Trojaola (3), María González (1) and Haridian Rodríguez (10). They also played Mbengue (8), Machín (1), Pérez (1), Schuster (1), Macedo (2) and Toscano.

Referees: Ioanna Christidi and Ioanna Papameteheos.

Incidents: Game of return of the semifinals of the EHF Challenge Cup, disputed in the Kristianstad Arena (Sweden), before some 700 spectators.


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