The Rocasa recreates before the Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen - La Provincia

Carat release. He Rocasa beat Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen (30-16) on the first day of the Canary Islands Government Cup in the presentation of the new season. The Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion enjoyed the attendance of 101 spectators with all the security measures.

Handball finally returned to the Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion after the pause forced by COVID-19 in a match with the flavor of the Iberdrola Guerreras League. Telde They could not enjoy the presence of Adriana Marksteiner, Sayna Mbengue and Paula Valdivia who continue to recover from their respective injuries.

Great local start, granting very few optimal pitches to Puerto del Carmen and with Silvia Navarro very successful. Rocasa began the match showing off their physical level and with Arinegua Pérez and Haridian Rodríguez scoring on the counterattack their first two attacks (2-0, minute 1) .The visitors took advantage of the first errors of the Gran Canaria to equalize the score with two goals from Sladjana Topic and Keyla Hernández (2-2, minute 3). The Teldense defense continued to be impregnable and the local team began to find the right passes to pierce the rival goal.

This allowed Rocasa to chain the first wide set of the match (7-2 minute 8) with María Gomes and Mizuki Hosoe converting their first goals as club players. The passage of minutes with both teams in the first weeks of training after a break of more than five months showed obvious fatigue and mistakes occurred in both teams. Dance of inaccuracies.

Despite the constant changes in both teams, the physical level required stopping the rhythm of the game and the counter-attack actions began to be seen less and less. Once again, the local defense decided the scoring for the side of Rocasa that would only allow one goal in their goal in the remainder of the first half (17-7, minute 30).

Lemes did not throw in the towel and theirs returned with a 2-4 partial after the harangue in the dressing room (19-11, minute 36). The local team responded by putting the bolt once more and the recital exploded.

For its part, the Salud Tenerife Handball took the victory (24-31) in its visit to San José Obrero Lanzarote in the duel that opened this first day.


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