The Rocasa is allowed to return to soar – The Province

The Rocasa is allowed to return to soar - The Province

The first round of the semifinals of the EHF Challenge Cup leaves a sentence for the Rocasa Gran Canaria: Dreaming of your third continental final is allowed. Carlos Herrera's draw will be played next Saturday in Sweden the boarding the title with five goals of income, which takes after the 22-17 who signed in the first leg before Kristianstad Handboll.

An income that has two prisms. On the one hand, at the end of the 60 minutes of play in Las Remudas, in the air was the feeling that Rocasa could keep a greater advantage for the return shock; on the other, that the story could have ended worse, since the last play of the game ended with a final stop of an immense Silvia Navarro – in his day to day, for a change – after Tiddara Trojaola could have raised the rent to the six goals.

But as a whole, April can be the month of the Rocasa. At the moment, it left the Antonio Moreno with a mattress of five goals that allows him to believe in the final of the Challenge Cup; is leader of the Iberdrola Warriors League after the stumble of Bera Bera in Granollers and has the Queen's Cup at the end of the month.

In Las Remudas he took the first step to fulfill a splendid month. It cost him to carburize the team of Carlos Herrera, inaccurate in the first half, with numerous losses and without the opportunity to run as he likes. In the second half, he adjusted his defense a little, before a team that insisted on looking only at the center, in search of its physical superiority. He could run something against the backlash, he grew up with María González and came to have seven goals ahead (21-14) when it seemed that Kristianstad was going to let go, a fact that never happened.

The match ended as it began: with Silvia Navarro stopping. The Valencia goalkeeper, who has already passed the barrier of 40, every day is better. The goalkeeper was key – up to 13 stops – so that Rocasa always stayed in the game and took a mattress that would allow him to believe in being in the final.

The Kristianstad gave itself to its first lines, especially to the bravery of Sarah Carlström, the best of the Swedish team (5 goals at the end, 6-5, minute 11). The Rocasa found its maximum advantage of the first part after two goals by Mela Falcón, who received two good balls from María González and Silvia Navarro (8-5, min.13).

It hurt the strength of the Czech Weisenbilderova, before a Rocasa that was lost among the losses and that did not finish carburing. Despite this, at the break he could boast of going ahead and that Kristianstad had never taken the lead on the scoreboard (11-10).

Electrical start

He needed a change the Rocasa Gran Canaria to go to Sweden with some solvency in his future. And he found it with a 6-1 start that left the team of Ulf Schefvert reeling (19-13, min 44). A stretch that was extended to seven goals, the maximum in the game (21-14, 48.), with a goal from María González from Tenerife. The panorama was wonderful for Rocasa, but Kristianstad recovered to cut a couple of goals against the women of Carlos Herrera, who noticed the passage of minutes and wear. In the end, 22-17 and a good mattress to believe again.


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