September 26, 2020

The Rocasa Gran Canaria, eliminated from the Copa de la Reina – La Provincia

He Rocasa Gran Canaria stayed eliminated this Thursday from the Copa de la Reina in the quarterfinal match against Rincón Fertilà Málaga, which they lost 23-18. The island team appeared at the meeting without the presence of two of its last three incorporations, Adriana Marksteiner and María Gomes, in addition to the loss of Paula Valdivia, in the final stretch of her knee recovery.

It would not take long for the Costa del Sol to unbalance the initial score in a rapid counter culminated by Espe López before which Silvia Navarro could do little to prevent the 0-1 from going up to the electronic.

The nerves of the Teldenses together with the success of Merche Castellano under the sticks made the first goal of the visitors be asked, which would come from the hand of Mizuki Hosoe, who debuted in this way in an official match with his new club.

The losses of the ball in attack by Rocasa were used by the Panthers to open a small gap of three goals that allowed them to play with the score in favor in a start to the match that seemed to put them on the right path, with the twins Espe and Sole López setting the offensive rhythm of the Andalusians.

Silvia Navarro and Merche Castellano offered a recital of stops on both sides of the field, while Rocasa looked for defense solutions to stop the cons of the Costa del Sol that threatened to take off definitively on the scoreboard.

But the Teldenses did not lower their arms and pulled their picks and shovels to trim the initial difference, with a goal from her field by Silvia Navarro who spurred her teammates with anthological stops that began to make a dent in those of Suso Gallardo, who saw how two lashes from Sayna served Rocasa to equalize the contest for the first time (7-7) .

The Panthers were going through their worst moment of the game and María González was in charge of putting the Teldenses ahead on the scoreboard for the first time, forcing Suso Gallardo to request the first time-out of the game less than 4 minutes before the break (8- 9).

The Costa del Sol coach’s slate seemed to bear fruit, recovering his calm on the court to make the most of two free blows executed to perfection by Paula García against Ana Belén Palomino the first and Silvia Navarro the second, to reach the equator of the clash with two goals ahead of the team (11-9).

Rocasa does not find the way of the goal

A partial start of 3-0 for the malagueñas forced Carlos Herrera to request a time-out at 4 and a half minutes after the resumption of the game in search of solutions to regain balance in the match, but María González’s goal that It served to break the drought of the Gran Canaria, it did not finish having continuity in the attack, not finding the way to the goal against a very solid Merche Castellano.

Rocasa did not deliver the spoon and approached the electronic with a partial of 0-3, with Iara, Haridian and Arinegua as protagonists, who put them back in the game with just under 20 minutes left for the end of the contest (16-13).

The grancanarias They took advantage of their Tenerife connection formed by Arinegua and María González, but the exclusion of Melania Falcón was used by the Andalusians to expand their income to 4 goals difference (18-14).

Malaga played with the comfort of the scoreboard in favor, with a wall around the goal of Merche Castellano and with the anxiety of the Teldenses who were running out of time with 5 goals behind after a new goal from Estela Doiro to 9 minutes to go (20-15).

A problem in Silvia Navarro’s goal net frozen the rhythm of both teams, but the Costa del Sol maintained their advantage on the scoreboard without excessive problems to finish closing their pass to the semifinals after winning 23-18.

Data sheet

RINCÓN FERTILIDAD MÁLAGA (23): Merche Castellano, Soledad López, Esperanza López (3), Estela Doiro (5), Rocío Campigli, Isabelle Medeiros (1) and Paula García (3). They also played: Silvia Arderius (5), Sara Bravo (1), Bárbara Piñeira, María Pérez, Almudena Gutiérrez, Laura Sánchez, Desiré Segado, Rocío Rojas and Virginia Fernández. Coach: Suso Gallardo

ROCASA GRAN CANARIA (18): Silvia Navarro (1), Melania Falcón (1), Arinegua Pérez (2), Sayna Mbengue (2), Haridian Rodríguez (2), Mizuki Hosoe (3) and Lisandra Lussón (1). They also played: Iara Grosso (2), Nerea Guerra, Alba Spugnini, Ana Belén Palomino, Tiddara Trojaola, María González (4), Rosana Montesdeoca and Yuli Dacil Quevedo. Coach: Carlos Herrera

Partials every 5 minutes: 2-1, 5-2, 6-5, 7-6, 8-8 and 11-9 (First Part). 14-9, 16-12, 17-14, 19-15, 21-16 and 23-18 (Second Part).

Referees: Yon Bustamante López and Javier Álvarez Mata.

Incidents: Quarterfinal meeting of the Copa de la Reina, held in the El Limón Pavilion in Alhaurín De la Torre.


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