Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

The robbery suffered by Kim Kardashian will make the leap to the big screen

He millionaire robbery he suffered Kim Kardashian
It will inspire a movie. Three years have passed since in October 2016, hooded men raided the room of the Paris hotel where the hotel was housed. celebrity and, at the tip of gun, will support a loot valued at 10 million of euros. Now, according to the portal Variety, his traumatic experience will make the leap to the big screen under the direction of cartoonist and filmmaker French Joann Sfar

The film, in whose script Marion Festraëts ('Chefs') also works, will be a comedy that will explore themes such as feminism, masculinity and patriarchy in today's society through the assault of several thieves on a celebrity during the Week of the Paris fashion. The film will be titled ‘Fashion Week’ and, as detailed by Sfar to Variety, will address "violence against women, the relationship between very rich and less rich people, the world of fashion and the encounter between figures of new and old worlds."

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The filmmaker confirmed that the tape will be shot in French. Everything indicates that international actors will appear on the cartel and assure that they will not look for a physical resemblance between the chosen protagonist and Kim Kardashian, but “someone who captures what they represent”.

Sfar, in addition, has just finished a graphic novel about Paris Fashion Week in which the medium-sized assault of the Kardashian will also figure.

The assailants gunned her with a gun, handcuffed her with bridles and put her in the bathtub

The violent robbery resulted in no injuries, but since then Kardashian has dragged a post-traumatic shock that paralyzed his public commitments for several months. That night, several thieves accessed the luxurious hotel where the celebrity was dressed as policemen. They boarded the doorman and threatened him to reveal what the room of the Armenian star was.

When they broke into the room, Kardashian was sleeping. Her cell phone was taken away and, after stabbing her with a gun in her temple, she was handcuffed with bridles and put her in the bathtub. In barely six minutes, the assailants took a booty valued at ten million euros. Among the jewels stolen was the engagement ring that her husband Kanye West gave her, valued at four million euros.

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