Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

“‘ The road ’is the end of Jesse Pinkman”

It has been the last star to arrive at the Sitges festival and its presence has been the one that has created the most expectation. And is that Aaron Paul left the bar very high with his participation for five seasons in the successful series Breaking Bad (2008-2013) and has many followers who have not wanted to miss this Saturday their visit to the contest to promote The Road: A Breaking Bad Movie, the film that follows the exploits of his character Jesse Pinkman after the events of the last episode of the great work created by Vince Gilligan.

Aaron Paul to the film 'The Way: A Breaking Bad Movie' (horitzontal)

Aaron Paul to the film 'The Way: A Breaking Bad Movie' (horitzontal)
(Netflix / ACN)

Aaron Paul has put everyone in his pocket wasting sympathy and charisma in the press conference to talk about the film that could be seen in scoop on Netflix last Friday and that today has been screened on the big screen in the auditorium of the Meliá Sitges hotel . "I think it's the end for Jesse Pinkman," said the interpreter about the role he has made known throughout the world, "but I also said it six years ago," he added about this character he has felt " so lucky ”to give life.

Aaron Paul at the Sitges festival

Aaron Paul at the Sitges festival
(Borja B. Leaves / Getty)

Under the direction of Gilligan, who proposed this project two years ago and did not hesitate to accept "because I would follow Gilligan until the end of the abyss and does not have to convince me of anything", the film is intended to give the public a " good closing ”because a constant question that always raged in the air was to know what had happened to Pinkman. Paul has considered that he knew Jesse when he read the pilot's script, but after 62 chapters this story has helped him put himself in the skin of his problematic situations. "We have entered a new chapter that shows the hell and torture this character is going through." "The ending is beautiful, 100% successful," he says.

We have entered a new chapter that shows the hell and torture that Jesse Pinkman is going through

On the secrecy that surrounded the project and especially its plot, he said it was easy to keep it a secret because "I love the secrets, the surprises and the innocent lies," he said with a wide smile. About Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in the series and with whom he has a great friendship, has had complimentary words: “He has been my mentor and I love him to death. At work he is the most immature person I have ever met in my life, but also the most professional and with him I have learned a lot. ” For Paul, being with Cranston has been like being in a “continuous interpretation workshop” and that together they have gotten into the alcohol business creating the mezcal brand Two men It will be out soon in Spain.

Excited to remember Robert Forster

Although Paul has been in a good mood all the time and has been charming with the press and especially with the magnificent work of the translator who was at his side, the actor has taken the opportunity to dedicate some emotional words of remembrance to Robert Forster, who played Ed in the series and in the film and who died Friday of a brain cancer at age 78, just the day of the premiere of The way on Netflix. “I spoke with him on Friday. I love him and I will miss him, ”he said to the applause of those attending the event. Ángel Sala, director of the contest, also reminded Forster, who had been nominated for his role in Jackie brown from Tarantino. "He was a friend of the festival and we will miss him."

New projects

Paul has no idea how his career is going to go in the future, although he hopes to receive papers that make him cross his boundaries and inspire him. At the moment he has participated in an original Apple TV series called Truth be told, with Octavia Spencer and Elizabeth Perkins and awaits the premiere of the third season of ‘Westworld’ whose filming has been a “madness”. And in her private life there is no shortage of projects that fill her even more like giving her daughter a little sister to play with her and “keep falling in love with my wife every day and travel the world”.

I hope to receive papers that make me cross boundaries and inspire me ”

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