February 26, 2021

The risk of danger in Beniel's case had gone from medium to low

The danger of danger of the national protocol for the prevention of sexist violence VioGén applied to the case of Benric's parricide went from medium to low between his first conviction for coercion to his ex-wife, from the beginning of June, and the second for breaking the restraining order. , from mid.

According to judicial sources, the man who last night allegedly murdered a son of both, 10 years old, and then hanged himself in the same house in that Murcia town, was sentenced to six months in prison in early June by the Court of Violence over Woman Number 2 of Murcia for a crime of coercion to her ex-partner and the prohibition of approaching a certain distance from her was imposed.

For this purpose, the acknowledgment of the facts by the defendant was taken into account, which is why the jail sentence was reduced from 9 to 6 months, and the mandatory Civil Guard report prepared according to the System of Integral Monitoring in cases of Gender Violence, known as VioGén.

It is the integral and coordination tool that the security forces use to know the protection needs of the women who complain according to the risk to which they are exposed, which can be extreme, high, medium, low or not appreciated. In the case of Beniel, June 6 was described as medium.

Not having the convicted criminal record or exceeding the sentence for 2 years in prison, he did not enter the prison.

Two weeks later, in a quick trial that was held on the 19th of last month, the man was sentenced to 4 months in prison for breaking the restraining order imposed on him, which he also acknowledged by admitting that he had approached the house looking for the eldest of his children.

In issuing that conviction, the judge took into account that admission of guilt and the VioGén report presented for the occasion, which qualified the risk of low, according to the same sources.

The defendant's defense requested that the sentence be suspended, which was not opposed by the victim, who asked him not to enter the prison, which the prosecution did not oppose, which approved the suspension of sentence.

The ex-partner is pending resolution in a family court in Murcia of a divorce lawsuit, filed first by her and then by mutual agreement, to establish the custody and custody or visitation regime for the youngest child, so there was no None of mandatory.

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