The rise of manufactured homes




For several years, Spain has been experiencing an upsurge in the prefabricated house sector, despite the scarce new construction currently being built.

But, what advantages do prefabricated homes have over traditional construction ones? Let’s see some of them.

They are cheaper. The first advantage is obvious: the price is lower. On average, a manufactured home is between 21% and 35% cheaper than its traditional equivalent. This is due, among other factors, to the optimized manufacturing method often used by the companies that make them.

Maximum customization. Each company has its own system and procedure regarding the design of its houses and each client has enough margin to make a house to their liking. In addition, as these houses are usually manufactured through assembled modules, if the family grows, it is much easier to expand by adding a module than to build a new piece in a brick house.

Faster build. Since most of the construction is done in a factory, it is not surprising that procedures are used that shorten the construction time. The time is reduced by 50% to 70%, which also helps to reduce the price.

We wanted to consult with some experts in this sector, to know the world of prefabricated houses first hand. CUBIC House was born in 2020 to provide, through its construction system, an efficient solution to minimize the environmental impact and facilitate the acquisition of a new home in an affordable way. They are a team made up of an architecture, technical and legal firm led by three founding partners specialized in each of the departments.

“Building sustainable, affordable and quality homes, adapted to any lifestyle is our maxim when designing a CUBIC model.”

Its projects use high cube 20 ”and 40” maritime containers with ISO certificate and counting on the projects endorsed by the association of architects for the achievement of the habitability certificate. The construction system is not new, but it is a great unknown.

«With our construction system we can increase the energy efficiency of our homes and reduce the cost by up to 30% compared to traditional construction; We minimize the ecological impact by processing all waste in our factory in a controlled way, since the construction process is carried out entirely in our facilities, it allows to minimize maintenance, to optimize the useful interior and exterior spaces of our homes as much as possible and have a structural strength used in the most demanding constructions worldwide ”, they tell us.

The time to build these houses is very short, about three months on average and it has all the possibilities to expand when needed, that is why they say that “we make houses that grow with you.”

Its initial catalog contains 10 versions of modular homes ranging from 30 m2 to 150 m2, which cover the most demanded needs and each one can be customized. And their client profile tends to be residents of the outskirts of large urban centers, who already have their family planning in mind in the medium term.

Another great advantage of this type of housing is that you can put them where you want. Of course, first you have to worry that your land is developable and you have the corresponding permits. But once that is fixed, you can plant your house anywhere. There are even companies that create manufactured homes that can be transported on a truck. No making boxes in case of moving: you take the whole house with you.

In addition, the tranquility. You can forget about works that are never finished, about chaining one delay after another and all the problems that can extend the construction of a brick house over time.

Dream House is a registered trademark in Spanish territory. They produce solid wood log houses, both from round logs with a diameter of 180mm (equivalent to a 600mm brick wall) and profiled beams from 70mm, and using rustic log technology (hand-made log cabins). The success and relevance of your business consists of the ability to adapt to any type of project, regardless of its complexity and in the shortest possible time. Wooden houses are passive, cozy and affordable homes, built with natural and resistant materials that do not harm the environment.

Dream House differs from most of its competitors by a closed production cycle from project preparation to turnkey construction, which allows the buyer to significantly reduce the final cost of the products.

«To guarantee the satisfaction of our clients with the final result, all our activity is based on the following principles: to provide high quality products and services, stability in the operation of the company and clear fulfillment of the assumed responsibilities, application of a system of flexible prices and special offers and the constant increase in production capacity and expansion into new aspects of the wood market ”.

The reliability of its product has been proven over time, as well as by its customers, both in the national territory and outside of it. Today this company has established itself in the wood market as a benchmark of trust and responsibility.

As we are seeing, there are several types of manufactured homes.

On the one hand there are the modular houses, which have a permanent base manufactured off-site and assembled into different modules. We have already seen its main advantage: the house can grow with the family that inhabits it.

On the other we have the houses with panels. This type takes a somewhat longer construction time and is made through prefabricated panels that are assembled on the ground.

And finally, there are the kit houses. This type of house is built from prefabricated pieces that are usually assembled and built by the owner. They tend to have much more versatility when designing the home of our dreams.

We wanted to talk to about the kit houses. They are a trusted online provider of prefab log homes, cabins, garden offices and garages. It is a Spanish branch of the Pineca brand, which operates in 4 other European markets: United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. Since their launch in 2011, they have delivered tens of thousands of pre-fab buildings across the continent. supplies high quality prefabricated wooden kits for clients who want to build a cozy garden cabin, a summer house, a main family residence or wooden carports. Our easy-to-assemble products can become your personal DIY project.

Their portfolio ranges from small garden storage solutions to two-story 5-bedroom residences. They also offer various home accessories and assembly services.

“Our surveys show that prefabricated wooden houses are often chosen for being eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble. One of our main competitive advantages is being able to offer tailor-made projects for each category of products in our catalog ”.

“Our advantage, and an essential part of our relationship with clients, is the maximum attention to the specific needs of each one of them, providing a friendly but professional advice, and sharing the team spirit at every step of the process. Buying a house or log cabin online can be quite difficult due to the large amount of information, available options and technical characteristics that must be considered. Our goal is to make the customer’s journey as easy and effortless as possible, thus becoming your personal guide for your entire log home project, from design to assembly. ‘

Do you want to live in a wooden house? Do you need a secondary residence, a summer house or an office in your garden? Visit their website, call or send an inquiry. At they will be happy to help you make the house of your dreams come true.

Another advantage of prefabricated houses, very relevant in the times we live in, is their sustainability and energy efficiency.

It is proven that prefabricated houses consume less energy than those of traditional construction. The impact on the ground is much lower and the management of resources more efficient. The qualities of the materials are higher when they are made in a factory and the thermal insulation focuses on keeping the heat inside.

Young companies are very aware of this issue. This is the case, for example, of NOJU (NOt-JUst), which was born in early 2020 as an architecture studio project focused on all branches of design, from interior architecture to product design. After years of experience working as architects in New York, Antonio Mora and Eduardo Tazón began the study at a time of great change for the construction sector in Spain.

They begin to outline their identity as designers thanks to projects in Seville and Madrid and collaborations in Colombia. «It is important to be reactive to the new changes that are taking place in the sector and to create a study capable of constantly adapting to new needs. In the last year, both individuals and companies have had to reinvent themselves. It is essential to offer a service that conforms to this reality ”, say Mora y Tazón.

NOJU begins its journey in the sector working on different typologies and project scales, from the offices for OneTelecom in Seville to a duplex housing reform in the emblematic Torres Blancas building in Madrid. His work always highlights the originality of his designs and his attitude towards new trends in the sector: «Concepts such as flexibility and sustainability are very recurrent in contemporary design discourse, but it is important to question the way in which they are implemented. It is not enough just to apply generic formulas and techniques, each project has to be unique in its way of incorporating them ».

Based in Madrid, the studio has several projects underway: from a residential building for young people in the Aluche neighborhood, a country house in the Sierra de Aracena and its continued collaboration with the Colombian accessories brand Casa Feroz.

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