Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

The rifirrafe between Rocío Wanninkhof's mother and Nacho Abad in 'Public Mirror'

20 years ago a crime shocked the country. The victim was called Dew Wanninkhof and it happened in Mijas (Málaga). Two decades later the wounds for this murder are still open and this Friday
Public mirror
has witnessed a rifirrafe between mother of the young woman and the journalist Nacho Abad, who has released a book about it.

The reason has been none other than two decades later Alicia Hornos, Rocío Wanninkhof's mother, continues to accuse Dolores Vázquez as guilty of the murder when after convicting her it was shown that it was not she who had committed the facts. It happened years later, when the murder of Sonia Caravantes showed that the DNA found in his body coincided with that of Tony Alexander King, which had also been found in that of the girl from Mijas.

Two decades later

"I have a hard time listening to Alicia Hornos because on the one hand he has had to suffer a lot but on the other when I hear how he accuses Dolores Vázquez in a senseless way, when the courts have said otherwise …

According to the journalist from Espejo Público, Rocío Wanninkhof's mother “does not use any evidence, I just hear a heart wielding. ” And, for her, with her daughter "justice was not done."

"Justice was not done"

This has been indicated by Alicia Hornos before a Nacho Abad who insisted that the evidence of the trial determined that Tony King was the choke and that Dolores Vázquez had to suffer a conviction for a murder he had not committed.

"There were many indications, that the evidence becomes evidence, and they fell at once," said an oven still hurt for the murder of his daughter and for the existence of a book on the Wanninkhof case for which they did not consult "nothing" . “Whenever they talk about the case, they do it in the negative and I don't even like to hear them”, He sentenced.

Alicia Hornos is interviewed in 'Public Mirror'.

Alicia Hornos is interviewed in 'Public Mirror'.

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