May 29, 2020

The rich flee from Catalonia to Madrid

That he «Procés» It has scared away thousands of companies in Catalonia is a fact that records the statistics of the registrars. And that behind the businesses the fortunes of entrepreneurs are fleeing is something that has now revealed the economic magazine «Forbes».

In the analysis that makes the 100 greatest fortunes of Spain, the publication ensures that Catalan entrepreneurs who have chosen other autonomies to do business – mainly, the Community of Madrid– They total a wealth of 17,500 million euros, compared to the 19,600 million added by those who have opted to remain in Catalan lands.

Catalonia, according to the analysis, has become «The 21st century wealth crusher» for «Forbes». The publication provides a fact that, together with the departure of the great fortunes, considers that this statement justifies: the weight of Catalonia in the collection of personal income tax has fallen by one point, from 18.7% to 17.7%.

One more year, the list of the richest men in Spain still headed by Amancio Ortega. According to the ranking of the 100 largest national fortunes of «Forbes», the assets of the founder of Inditex have a value of 63,000 million euros. The company's stock valuation has allowed it to recover part of what it lost last year, when the value of its fortune was 58,000 million euros, together with the benefits that its control position in the textile company, Ortega, reports It is one of the most active real estate investors in the country. Through Pontegadea, he is investing in commercial and office real estate in the United States. This year he bought the The Investment Building for about 347 million euros, and two buildings in Seattle for about 668 million euros. He has also bought the Eurostars Magnificent Mile hotel for 65 million. His last purchase has been a twelve-story office building in Washington, next to the White House, for about 207 million dollars.

The next in the classification, at a sidereal distance of Amancio Ortega, is his daughter Sandra. His fortune amounts to 6,000 million euros. Sandra Ortega manages its investments through Rosp Corunna, which is Inditex's second shareholder and also has stable stakes in other companies such as Pharma Mar (5%), Room Mate (30%), the Portuguese group Ferrado Nacomporta and the Soandre sicav Assets.

The podium is completed by Ferrovial President Rafael del Pino. Its assets are valued at 4,100 million.

Total, The wealth of the 100 fortunes of Spain in 2019 amounts to 148.2 billion euros, 1% more than in 2018. In addition, the first 5 fortunes total 78.8 billion.

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