The RFEF wants to change the schedules of the parties in a new agreement with LaLiga - La Provincia

The Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) has informed that it will urge the League to initiate a new Coordination Agreement, since the current one ends in July 2019, with the aim of achieving change schedules current competition, among other goals that developed this Wednesday.

The general secretary of the RFEF, Andreu Camps, was who explained the proposals to the Federation Board. As has been advanced this Wednesday, the presiding Luis Rubiales will present in the negotiation a new scenario that includes a renewed agreement on the transfer of exploitation rights, among them the name of the competition and the ball, or the application of schedules of the league tournament.

"After analyzing the current agreement, its income, expenses, rights and duties of each party, the Federation understands that the priority of the new agreement must guarantee the same income, at least, to professional sports clubs and societies and increase significantly. funds destined for non-professional federated football, territorial federations, grassroots football, women's football, futsal, beach soccer, inferior teams, inclusion football and non-professional clubs ", indicates the RFEF.

In addition, Camps recalled that "one of the first issues that the RFEF will put on the table in the negotiation of the new agreement will be to open a process to sign the commercial name of the masculine divisions, as well as to reach an agreement about the future of the ball. official".

He also wants to seek a "new understanding" around the "match schedules" and raises "leave a time slot without television broadcast to protect and help modest football". "The suitability of playing from Monday to Friday will also be discussed", adds the RFEF.

Before engaging in dialogue with the League, the Federation explained that it has requested "exhaustive studies" from its legal department and from "prestigious external experts", who have highlighted the "imbalance of the current model", in addition to criticizing the need of measures to promote the equality of women soccer players.

"There will be subsidies for pregnant players and aid for daycare, "the RFEF claims." In this way, the governing bodies have taken a step further in this line and will study changes in the policy of subsidies for women's clubs that they are finalists and semifinalists of the Copa de la Reina. "

The president of the Committee, Rafael del Amo, has presented these measures to President Luis Rubiales. Del Amo will be in charge of leading the meetings, meetings and work that is being developed by the RFEF to achieve a regulatory improvement in the conditions of the woman in soccer.

In this sense, at the meeting held at the end of last August, it was already transmitted to the clubs and the AFE the "need to reach agreements, such as minimum interprofessional salary, in addition to other basic conditions in order that soccer players can develop their profession in decent and equal conditions ", concludes the RFEF.


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