July 2, 2020

The RFEF responds to Thebes that its plan for professional football is “viable” – La Provincia

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has insisted that the financing line proposed for professional football its viable while stressing that “it is legally possible to ensure a pandemic”.

The RFEF thus responds, by means of a statement, to the reaction of the LaLiga president, Javier Tebas, who questioned the proposal of Luis Rubiales, head of the Federation.

“We clarify doubts so that the truth prevails. We work for football and society. To be able to do it together The league and the RFEF would be great. We give options. The important thing is to be united, to add without reproach, “Rubiales said on Twitter following the statement issued by the RFEF.

Thebes described the approach as “impossible” federative protected by a credit of 500 million euros with the guarantee of television rights. He also doubted the insurance policies in a pandemic. “Thank you RFEF for your offer to LaLiga of a credit of 500 million with the guarantee of TV rights, but it has happened again as with insurance policies in a pandemic. It is impossible. Read the first additional provision of Royal Decree 5 / 2015 of centralized TV sales “, he pointed out on twitter.

From this RFEF we understand that the debate raised must be clarified to provide legal security to eventual interested parties, “responds the Federation, which rejects that Rubiales referred to” the first additional provision of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015 which provides that ‘The National League of Professional Football You can use all the rights whose commercialization is legally assigned As a guarantee to access financing, with the sole purpose of facilitating the participating clubs and entities that integrate it, resources to settle their debts with the Public Administrations’. In other words, it prohibits the League from arranging a loan as the one indicated unless it is for the payment of debts of the clubs and SADs with the Public Administrations “.

The Spanish Federation says that Luis Rubiales’ proposal is not that and that Thebes is “wrong”.

“This is not what the President of the RFEF proposed. It is clear that the President of the League has not understood the proposal of Luis Rubiales who used the following words: ‘We have spoken with some financial entity and we are in a position to offer the Liga sit down to look for a financing for the clubs that are going to have a problem ‘”, clarifies the RFEF.

Without getting into confrontations and beyond the different points of view, now is the time to add. That is why we have worked on a financing line of at least 500 million euros. We can have those 500 million euros so that the First or Second clubs that need 10 million, 15, 20 million euros can have them and finance the deferred payment in the next 4, 5 or 6 years, “recalls the Spanish Federation.

“From the RFEF the hand was extended to the League to jointly negotiate a financing line for Clubs and SADs. The first additional provision, as the President of the League knows perfectly well, does not prohibit Clubs and SADs from contracting credits for the financing of any payments with creditors, including soccer players, offering as guarantee their own television rights or whatever they are to receive from the League in payment of such rights that the League markets jointly, “insists the Federation statement.

“The RFEF proposal is perfectly valid and fully complies with applicable standards“adds the note that hints that LaLiga rejects the outstretched hand of the Federation.

If from the League you don’t want to accept that outstretched handThey are in their right, but it is enough that they say so and it does not seem reasonable that other excuses are sought, and even less those of a legal nature that, as we have just seen, have very little progress, “says the RFEF.

In addition, the Spanish Football Federation rejects that, as Thebes pointed out, it is impossible to contract an insurance policy that covers pandemics.

What the President of the League says is not true. On the contrary, these are insurable risks. And this is something that does not admit discussion or doubt. In fact, the RFEF has this risk insured in some of its insurances, like many other diligent entrepreneurs in Spain, “stresses the Spanish Football Federation in its statement.


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