September 18, 2020

The RFEF denies wanting modest football to return in 2021 – La Provincia

The Royal Spanish Football Federation assured this Monday that it is “It is essential to have the maximum guarantees” in order to start the next season in non-professional national competitions and therefore demanded the implementation of a plan by which the authorities give the relevant “sanitary and legal” guarantees, also denying that it has requested that they start from 2021.

The RFEF held a meeting with the Territorial Federations on Monday to study “how and when” these competitions can be started, due to the change of scenery that is taking place with the coronavirus, and once again insisted on the need for guarantees to be given to be able to do so.

“The RFEF considers it essential to have the maximum guarantees to immediately start next season’s competitions and advocates, together with the other federations of sports team, by a ‘Transversal Plan’ endorsed by the public powers that offers these sanitary and legal guarantees for the players and other actors, the heads of the clubs and the organizers “, noted in a statement.

In this sense, the agency described as “Completely false” that he has “proposed” that these competitions do not start until January 2021 “or later”, and stressed that, “unfortunately”, it is “used to these campaigns with continuous falsehoods orchestrated in order to discredit, misinform and create uncertainty.”

“In this case, moreover, it is even more evident since the RFEF agreed on a global action framework together with eight other Spanish sports federations that It has nothing to do with what was published this weekend by some means, “he added.

The RFEF reiterated that “His main concern is the health of all federation and people in the world of football”, as demonstrated “by suspending various games at the slightest risk that was known” such as the ‘playoff’ of promotion to Second B, and that this concern was also “shared from the beginning by the unions and player associations , as well as by club presidents and their councils or boards of directors. “

“Delicate situation”

The body chaired by Luis Rubiales believes that now it is “that same concern” that should move “everyone without exception” and that “Health security must be compatible with the return to competitions imminently.”

“We are not lost on the delicate situation that can lead to both the Spanish sports federations and their respective Territorial Federations and the clubs and athletes that belong to them. There are many families whose income depends on jobs in this sector. that is more important than ever to return to competition with sanitary and legal guarantees and do it as soon as possible“, warned the federation.

In addition to this health security, the RFEF sees “It is essential that the legal security of the clubs and their managers is guaranteed against all kinds of claims“.” The RFEF understands that today these legal guarantees for the protection of clubs do not find the appropriate mechanisms and we must work together to achieve it, “he stressed.

Regarding the meeting held this Monday, both the federative entity and the Territorial Federations “have unanimously agreed to work with the necessary objective that each of them specify with the sports and health authorities of their Autonomous Community the essential and minimum requirements to be able to start the competitions as soon as possible ” that they are responsible for organizing and that they can be started when these regional authorities “authorize” it.

The RFEF made it clear that this is “exactly the same way” in which it will proceed “in state-level competitions” that are within its competence and that “all the Spanish sports federations of team sports” have requested an “urgent” meeting with the authorities “to know the framework of guarantees health and legal that must be applied and required “of its participants.

“Official competitions for all sports should start urgently in the coming weeks and therefore it is equally urgent the existence of the ‘Transversal Plan’ that provides sufficient sanitary and legal guarantees to federated athletes, clubs and organizers, and that has the authorization of the competent public authorities in the matter ” , he detailed.

“This was done to end the 19/20 season and this should be done to start the 20/21 season, in a loyal and constructive work with the different administrations“, the institution demanded.

In the same way, summons “the representatives of the different estates participating in the professionalized competitions in the federative bodies created for these purposes where clubs, footballers, referees and coaches are represented to analyze the situation and draw the necessary conclusions for the purposes of adopting the relevant agreements, as has always been done and as is the norm in this Federation “.

The Sports Law

However, the organization also criticizes the positions of entities that do not haven “no representation” in the Sports Law and the CSD regulations and whose claims he denounces as “sterile” and with the aim of “creating confusion and responding to interests completely unrelated to the safeguarding of the interests of clubs and footballers”.

“The Sports Law defines which are the competent bodies to resolve issues related to sports competitions and entities and associations outside the sports law can and should not decide anything,” warns tras requests from the LNFS or ACFF.

“In Spanish football there are almost 1,100,000 licensed athletes who urgently need to start training and competing, but this can only be done if there are minimum health guarantees that must be clearly established and established. It is the intention of the Federation to inform the clubs of the beginning of the season at least 30 days in advance, once there is a national protocol approved by the competent public powers, “he said.


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