The Rewind Hispano 2022 is canceled due to a hack

The Rewind Hispano 2022 will not leave on time

The world of social networks moves constantly, but every year there are certain trends they have marked a lot. The youtuber Alec Hernández, better known as Alecmolon, is in charge of compiling everything that has been relevant and producing a video hand in hand with the influencers most important of the moment. This video is the Rewind Hispanicwhere, as its name suggests, it focuses on Spanish-speaking communities.

The effort put in by the producers and post-producers of this ambitious project is such that many indicate that the video of collection it seems like a cinematographic work and compare the audiovisual media that this team has with great movies like Marvel's. However, this year a disaster has occurred that could delay or cancel the rise of this Rewind Hispano.

A couple of days ago we found out that the account of this thinking mind behind all this had been hacked by a company that carried out an advertising campaign, which in turn contained a powerful trojan. Before the threatthe youtuber was raised close the account, although luckily it has not reached those extremes. Currently, everything seems to be going well, and it has been announced that the video will continue as stipulated.