The revolver was recast

In boxing, the first assault is usually scoring. The jabs that seek to test the guard of the rival; the strong blows that try to show who's boss on the canvas; the distances. With few exceptions, the first three minutes are an exchange of sensations that serve more as a prolegomenon than will come in the consecutive ones; an appetizer in which it is crucial not to take a false step, not to choke on the olive bone, it will not be that it does not even reach the first dish.

That has happened to Kerman Lejarraga, again before David Avanesyan, again at home, in Bilbao, and again for the juicy and succulent delicacy that is the EBU.

The revolver of Morga was seen again the faces before the Russian who removed the title of king of Europe from the welterweight. The rematch was a look at the past, at that stone that made him stumble from his perfect path last March after stealing his belt and the undefeated. The desire to compensate were many, but in just two and a half minutes Avanesyan proved to be the Basque kryptonite.

For looking for some excuse, maybe the referee could leave Kerman some more time to shoot. To fall, recover and breathe in the minute interspersed between assault and assault. However, after two falls preceded by a combination of crochets to the head (1) and a curved hand with the left handed towards the chin (2), the referee decided to stop the contest. K.O technician in the first round. He did not reach 60 seconds of tranquility.

David Avanesyan continues to shine and Kerman moves away from that epic that involves fighting in the United States, the Mecca of boxing. Perhaps it is that Russian is simply better than Basque. There's no more. This time it's time to fall, get up and continue training; that is what this sport is about, precisely, of falling and "not being dropped" The gloves hurt less than the shots, but this gun had wet gunpowder.

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