The revival of the economy will be done by sectors starting with the “vulnerable” with difficult recovery

This was announced by the fourth vice president of the Government of Spain and minister for the ecological transition and demographic challenge, Teresa Ribera, who has insisted on the “basis of health security, public health and of each of the actors working in each of those areas of action “.

“We will be working on the reopening as we have confirmation of the solvency of health security in sectors that were restricted or still latent activities with the first decree that identified the limitations associated with the declaration of the state of alarm,” he explained. Riverbank.

The minister has indicated that it will be necessary to take into account “those tractor sectors that have been left in a limited situation or vulnerable sectors that may have a difficult recovery in the time to come.”

For this, Ribera has indicated that a “differentiated recovery will be carried out in which the sector-by-sector understanding, the special monitoring of those most affected will be essential”.


In any case, the minister has insisted that this revival of the economy is governed by “the general principles of prevention, prudence and proportionality.”

“We cannot think of opening anything if there is not sufficient protection for workers taking into account the different levels of associated risk,” he asserted.

All this will require “a time of learning and consensus for the new normality,” said Ribera, who has highlighted the importance of “proportionality”, adjusting to each sector to minimize both the negative economic impact and the risk of rebound.


“In the medium term, it will be necessary to assess the recovery capacity of each sector, accommodating the economic reactivation strategy according to this information,” explained the socialist minister.

Along these lines, he pointed out that some sectors will be able to adapt more quickly and others will have a difficulty associated with temporary employment or small companies that will need “a different accompaniment”.


The minister has emphasized the territorial dimension of this reactivation since the security conditions must be in place to begin the reactivation. “The work with representatives of the autonomous government is essential for monitoring the indicators (…) that allow taking steps on insurance,” he has determined.

Likewise, the minister has pointed to different relevant variables such as the supply levels of the industry, internal or external demand and the value chains of the processes that also explain or show to what extent the recovery of economic confidence “requires the same special”.

For this detailed design, the minister has argued that dialogue with employers, workers, local and regional authorities is “essential”.

Finally, Ribera recalled that “the virus knows no borders” and has therefore highlighted the importance of coordination with community partners when carrying out the de-escalation.


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