August 5, 2020

The return to the world of Oz – The Province

The Guiniguada Theater of the capital of Gran Canaria hosts tomorrow and after the play 'The Magic of Oz', a new version of the classic 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum and the film by Vctor Fleming of 1939, starring by Judy Garland, who performed the Oscar-winning song 'Somewhere over the rainbow' which, apart from other melodies, is also featured in this family musical for parents and children from five years.

He Guiniguada Theater hosts tomorrow and after the family show The magic of Oz inspired by the classic of L. Frank Baum, The wonderful wizard of Oz, in a new version directed by Israel Reyes and produced by Camino Viejo. With a costume and characterization reminiscent of the feature film by Victor Fleming of 1939 and a functional and bright decoration, the coliseum yesterday welcomed this musical in its first function that had attentive and expectant, from the first moment, large and small, thanks to the energy transmitted by the characters that were taking turns on the stage and their vibrant voices that included melodies of various musicals, not only the so remembered and winner of an Oscar Somewhere over the rainbow.

Israel Reyes, screenwriter and director of the show, points out the news in this new version. "It is an adaptation designed to convey two essential messages: the value of friendship and family to children from five years. Dorothy, the protagonist, faces a journey from childhood to maturity. Through his dream is portrayed that moment.In 75 minutes we try to update the message of the book and that there is no child left.In Spain and in America this book is a great unknown even if everyone has seen the movie.In the US this story shows them as a town.For example, the Kansas tornado is common to its geographical idiosyncrasy or life on a farm, very common in certain areas.However, in Spain that message makes no sense.That is why we focus on friendship and home ".

To update the story, Reyes has used the music. In this sense it highlights that "we have versioned Somewhere over the rainbow, but we have also adapted the lyrics of other recognizable musicals for this story. We have achieved a very funny effect. Being the costumes inspired by the film The Wizard of OzNot only do the little ones enjoy it, but the nostalgic adult can also move to another time. In addition, "mythical phrases appear as: Nowhere is it like at home, or the famous red chapines that fits the main interpreter."

Friendship, brain and heart

He director He wants to clarify that "I do not call this musical work but theater with songs because the story is not sung but we add melodies that reaffirm the message of the scenes. That is why 70% of text and 30% of songs are included." Messages such as friendship, brain, heart and courage come together as goals to be achieved by the protagonist's travel companions throughout the performance. "Children understand the metaphors that the characters contain because they are basic values ​​that are transmitted in education and in the family. For example, they know that there are people with hearts and others who do not have it in real life or that some they lack brains and still speak without stopping. "

The screenwriter explains that the scenery is very functional. "We work in very different spaces. Today we can be in a theater, but on other occasions we have to adapt to very small spaces or outdoors. We carry our own walls and panels, a world of portable Oz. We do not depend on looms or great artifacts. "

The actress Circe Santana plays Dorothy. "This character has been created for this work by Israel Reyes who always provides the guidelines to follow. It has been built from the naivety and innocence of a girl who flies out of her house in a tornado and who finds friends along the way that will facilitate the trip to Oz. Judy Garland and L. Frank Baum's book are taken as a reference, but also aspects of the musical Wicked where the witches of The Wizard of Oz".

Camino Viejo Producciones has in its trajectory musicals of enormous success among the public as The secret of Ratoncito Pérez, The Brave Tailor, The Lead Soldier, Hamelin's futist, The Presumed Little Mouse or The man who Planted Trees. Natividad Santana, your manager and executive producer of The magic of Oz, clarifies that "we are specialized in family theater. I do not like to call it for children because the father is the one who brings them and we also like to be satisfied with what he has seen. In fact, in our last three productions we have exhausted the localities." In this regard Reyes indicates that "I usually collaborate with Camino Viejo. They seem to me to be an exemplary work model in its artisan way of wanting to pamper all the details and the artists. This producer, in addition, always seeks that the scenic spaces are self-sufficient."

In this representation Dorothy dreams of traveling beyond the rainbow to a different world and her wish comes true when she arrives with her dog in Oz. Dorothy, after offending the Wicked Witch of the West, and at Glinda's suggestion, heads down the yellow tile road to Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz lives, which can help the girl return to her home. Along the way, she befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. The Scarecrow craves a brain, the Tin Man wants a heart and the Lion wants the courage he lacks; Since they believe that the Magician can help them all, they decide to join Dorothy in her adventure to the Emerald City.


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