May 17, 2021

The return of the IRPF of maternity and paternity of 2014 and 2015 could be requested from today – The Province

The return of the IRPF of maternity and paternity of 2014 and 2015 could be requested from today - The Province

The Minister of Finance,María Jesús Montero, announced this Monday that mothers and fathers with childrenborn in 2014 and 2015may request from this afternoon theIRPF refundfor the maternity and paternity benefits they received during work abstractions when they were parents.

The process will be divided into two stages for operational reasons that will cover the four fiscal years not prescribed, as stated by Montero. Specific,parents of children born between 2014 and 2015 may request a refund from this afternoon,which will be when the form will be operational.

For returns of children born in2016 and 2017, the procedure may be launched in January. In total, one million mothers and fathers will benefit. "We are going to do it this way because it will allow us to systematize the return form in a more agile way," he added.

As indicated by the head of the Ministry at a press conference, the Government has made a reading of the sentence "broad and generous." The total cost will amount to around 1,200 million euros andthe average return for maternity will be 1,600 euros, while paternity will be around 383 euros.

Only record year of birth and account number

In the application form, available on the website of the Tax Agency, you only have to enter the year of birth and the bank account number. According to Montero, the rest of the checks will be done with data from the Tax Agency or with additional data that will be searched. "It will not be necessary to attach any type of Social Security certificatenor any other additional documentation, "according to Montero.

In addition, this request can be made by the traditional telematic procedures (RENO, PIN code or electronic certificate) available or also,"If there are people with difficulties", presenting the paper in the offices of the Tax Agency.

The Government expects that all taxpayers will have obtained this return in April. "It is very important that we know that we are going to shortenthe times between the request and the return ", the minister has made clear.

Officials will also benefit

During his speech, Montero has said that although the ruling does not affect the paternity and maternity permits of groups such as civil servants who pay through mutual insurance companies such as the General Mutual Society of Civil Servants of the State (Muface), the Government understands that this situationIt would be unfair if this group could not also benefit from the return.

For this reason, he has affirmed that "has taken a giant leap"That, although it will require a certain legal modification, the Government will commit itself to make a legislative change that allows officials not to be withheld from the IRPF.

Finally, he pointed out that the impact of this return is already contemplated in the deficit objectives andThe return does not change the figure.Thus, he pointed out that if there is a budget extension, the deficit target would be 2.2%, while with the approval of the Budgets would be 1.8%.


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