The return of the income tax of maternity and paternity may be requested from this afternoon

The return of the income tax of maternity and paternity may be requested from this afternoon

From this very afternoon all those who have enjoyed maternity and paternity leave since 2014 can request the return of the IRPF by means of an express form authorized by the Ministry of Finance. This has been explained by Minister María Jesús Montero, who estimated that the beneficiaries were close to 1.1 million people. The Government takes this measure in compliance with the ruling of the Supreme Court on October 5, which declared maternity benefits paid by Social Security exempt from income tax.

In order to "reduce paperwork" and given the "expectation" that has been generated, the Treasury will today enable a form on its website to claim the refund, in which the taxpayer will only have to indicate the year or years in which He enjoyed the permit and an account number where to receive the money, since the treasury will be in charge of checking the rest of the data. To identify yourself, you can use the usual channels for filing the income tax return (reference number, pin code or electronic certificate), although you can also submit it in writing at the tax offices.

In total, the Treasury calculates that it will have to return 1,200 million euros for the IRPF retained over the last four years to almost 1.1 million people, including officials. The average refund will be 1,600 euros for mothers and 383 euros for parents, since they enjoy a much shorter birth permit. It is currently set at 16 weeks for mothers and 5 weeks for parents.

For "operational reasons", the Treasury has opted to divide the claims into two phases. The beneficiaries of 2014 and 2015 can present the claim from today, while those of 2016 and 2017 must wait until January. For those who have been fathers and mothers this year there is no need to make any claim, as it will be regularized in the income statement of 2018, which is presented in the spring of 2019. The objective of the Treasury is that all returns have been completed for the month of April.

The minister pointed out that the Treasury will not individually communicate to the beneficiaries the right to return, but will limit it to publicizing it on its website. Montero also said that late payment interests will be paid in the corresponding cases, which in practice means that they will only be paid when the declaration came out to enter, not to return.

Treasury explained that although the sentence spoke only of maternity, the Government has decided to extend the return to paternity for "social justice". Montero said that a "generous reading of sentence" has been made, so it will also benefit officials who are quoted in mutual professions such as Muface and not through Social Security, for which they will make a legislative change. In the case of claims prior to 2014 that were in process, the minister indicated that each case should be studied individually.


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