The return of 'The Golden Girls' unleashes a fever for the 80s in 2022

Just a few days ago, the news of death of Betty White when he was about to turn 100 brought to mind 'The Golden Girls', one of the most popular series of the 80s. This comedy about four elderly ladies who shared a flat in Miami Beach (Florida) in their retirement years was placed, during its first five years of broadcast, in the 'top' of the most viewed programs of USA, launching its already tall and experienced protagonists to fame.

Aside from White, who played the naive Rose, there was Rue McClanahan, in the role of the seductive and flirtatious Blanche; Estelle Getty as the sarcastic and incisive Sophia, and Beatrice Arthur as her responsible and long-suffering daughter Dorothy. Together they demonstrated, as decades later 'The Kominsky Method' would do, that one can laugh without complexes of old age and that the more mature actresses had a lot to say in the industry, something that seemed like Hollywood I was not so clear.

180 episodes

The platform Disney + he recovers his adventures this Wednesday, January 12 with the addition to its catalog of the seven seasons of the series (nothing less than 180 episodes), winner of more than 40 awards, including 11 Emmy. His new reissue serves to kick off the nostalgic fever For the 80s that we will live in this 2022, in which we will see again the boys of 'Stranger things', Tom Cruise putting on the pilot suit of' Top Gun 'and even a cinematic' remake 'of' Dragon ball Z '.

Although the next review of the decade that has already exploded series such as 'Los Goldberg', 'Dark', 'Glow' and 'The Americans' will put it on January 21 Apple + with the premiere of 'Los Fraguel: the fun continues' , the 'reboot' of the mythical Jim Henson dolls. Gobo, Musi, Rosi, Dudo, Bombo and traveling uncle Matt are joined by new Fraguel and Curris, with the voices of guest stars Patti LaBelle, Cynthia Erivo, Daveed Diggs, Ed Helms and Kenan Thompson, as well as a special appearance of the Foo Fighters.

'Strangers things' and 'Top Gun'

Will also return in the middle of the year the series that unleashed the eighties fever in Netflix, 'Stranger things', by retaking its great icons, from the novels of authors such as Stephen King to youth fantasy films such as 'ET'.

Another that points to nostalgia is Tom cruise with 'Top Gun: Maverick', a film scheduled for next May. The intrepid fighter pilot we first met in 1986 is now nearly 60 years old, but that won't stop him from returning to active duty after being invited by the US Air Force. We will see if his 'look' with aviator jacket and dark glasses that caused a sensation decades ago becomes fashionable again.

The same will happen with Son Goku and 'Dragon Ball Z', the manga launched in 1989 by the Japanese Fuji Television, which will be released as a film throughout this year 2022. The fantastic 'Willow' will go the opposite way: shot in 1988 As a feature film, Disney + is now trying to adapt as a series with the same actor of the time, Warwick Davis.

The platform 'The Mandalorian' also has 'Obi Wan Kenobi' and 'Andor' planned for this course, two series dedicated to characters from the 'Star Wars' universe, which began its cinematographic journey in 1977 but which completed its first trilogy in the early 1980s.


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