The return of 'Paco's men' will compete for the audience with 'Secret Story' and 'What if yes ...?'

Scene from one of the chapters of the new season of & # 039; Los Hombres de Paco & # 039 ;.

Scene from one of the chapters of the new season of 'Los Hombres de Paco'.

'Secret Story: The House of Secrets' opens its doors tonight (10:00 p.m.) in Telecinco. With Jorge Javier Vázquez as master of ceremonies, sixteen famous people, each with a hidden secret, will participate in this internationally successful format that arrives for the first time in Spain. The game around their secrets, which they must keep safe while they try to reveal those of the rest, will be the backbone of the coexistence that the protagonists will carry out in a house full of mysteries.

Pepon Nieto searches for Franco's remains on Antena 3

For its part, Antena 3 premieres tonight (10:45 pm) the new episodes of the return of 'Los Hombres de Paco'. On this occasion, Mariano is in charge of recovering Franco's remains, the next mission for the team of agents led by Paco in their new destination. The character played by Pepón Nieto will be in charge of recovering the remains of the leader, in the hands of criminals for more than a year. The agent will end up locked in a den and doomed to spend the rest of his days with Franco, if the ransom demanded by the kidnappers is not paid.

A new installment of 'And yes yes...?' arrives tonight (10:35 p.m.) at The 1 of TVE. Under the title 'Bailando con Bulos', on this occasion, the seventh installment of the space presented by Santiago Segura prepares us to laugh at all the hoaxes that have been told throughout history, or as the program says, the " Liaries tie you up with stones ”that fly over our heads. The program will travel to the time of Napoleon to see the emperor believing himself a lord of Albacete, he will compete in 'The right price' to win a worthy contract, he will meet an interrogator in practice and will be expelled from social networks. The sports advice of Jimmy Jordán, the exclusive vision of Fabiolo or the rhythm of a most artistic Fernando Simón will not be missing either.

The 'Horizonte' by Iker Jiménez, in Cuatro

Four also premieres tonight (10:50 pm) the second season of 'Horizon'. The space presented by Iker Jiménez will carry out a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the situation in Afghanistan together with specialists who have worked there and expert international geopolitical analysts such as journalists Antonio Pampliega and Mayte Carrasco, who have covered the Afghan war for years. ; Pedro Baños, Colonel of the Army and one of the greatest experts on geopolitics on the national scene; Manuel Gazapo, Doctor in Political Science and Administration and International Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and director of the International Security Observatory; and Javier Escorihuela, captain of the Air Force who has been part of the device of Spanish troops that carried out the evacuation of Afghans at the Kabul airport. In addition, the program will feature the testimony of Kabir Shah, an Afghan refugee fled from the Taliban regime who has several family members in danger due to his collaboration with the Government.

What's more, the sixth bet tonight (10:30 p.m.) on 'The boss undercover'. This week, a new boss infiltrates his own company under a false identity. You'll work closely with your employees, take risks, get excited, and make decisions that will change the lives of your workers forever. What they will never know is that their new co-worker is actually their superior.


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