The return of Hombres G, with album, book, movie "and even series"

Men G, in a file image.

Men G, in a file image.

Men G have anticipated this Wednesday that their announced next album, 'Rowland's Corner ', will be "very G-Men, one of those with the most personality in the group " will show, and that in their portfolio they also plan the next launch of a book, the imminent shooting of a movie "and even a series".

As the veteran band has told EFE in a talk in Madrid, it will be in October when the new album is released on the market and its origin is in the unexpected "opportunity" that the pandemic of Covid-19 when he interrupted their tour in Mexico.

"That uncertainty and that not knowing what was going to happen, of being at home all day without waiting for anyone, without appointments, with all the time for us, caused us to rewrite songs with the sole premise of making beautiful songs without knowing what were we going to use them for ", recalled the vocalist, David summers.

Sitting with his colleagues Dani Mezquita, Rafa Gutiérrez and Javier Molina, they have revealed that they got together with a lot of material and saw the possibility of publishing a new album that would give continuity to their latest work ahead of schedule, 'Resurrection'(2019), which they were presenting live just when the pandemic broke out.

"The circumstances of its recording have been special, beyond the health situation, because it was done in my home studio, without a time limit, without a budget, pampering the songs and cooking them every day, with the sole intention of making the best album possible ", Summers stressed.

Fourteen cuts in total will be included in 'Rowland's Corner', whose title names to the mythical music bar in whose corner what would be Hombres G was forged.

Thanks to a mutual friend, they have commented that they got in touch with Carlos Rivera, with whom they became friends after a dinner in Madrid. By offering him the possibility of participating in any of the songs, the Mexican chose "My heart is out," an apparently love song that actually speaks of the public and "the desire to meet again with your people."

"For us it is an honor to have him on the album. Even though he is very young, he is a very experienced artist, with a spectacular level in Mexico, Latin America and the United States", Summers pointed out about his participation in this song, which already it can be heard on digital platforms and for which they will shoot a video clip.

Men G have also announced that, in addition to the album, they have among their plans the launch of a book about which they have not given more details, as well as the imminent realization of a film "and even a series".

Together they became uOne of the most important Spanish pop bands of all time since the release of 'Hombres G' (1985), more than 20 million copies sold and colossal tours to this and the other side of the Atlantic.

In fact, in Mexico and the United States they continue to perform before thousands of people.

This same Friday, in addition, They resume their facet of live band with a first concert in the new Madrid cycle Madrid Scene, which will take place in the Enrique Tierno Galván Park and for which all tickets are sold, after which they will travel to Barcelona to participate on June 20 in the Jardins de Pedralbes festival.


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