August 1, 2021

The return of Ben: Turbulent Christmas | Culture

The return of Ben: Turbulent Christmas | Culture

A shopping center is one of those non-places that do not engender memory, or fault … unless one enters inside with a particular load of pain brought from home. A cargo that, in short, conditions your eyes. This is what happens to them, for various reasons, to Ben Burns and his mother Holly, incarnated respectively by Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts in this work that avoids all the risks of falling into Manichaeism and the emotional sensationalism potentially contained in its simple premise. : he is a young man who has just simulated a permit in his rehabilitation cure to return to the family home during the Christmas season; she is the affectionate but unrepentant guardian of that drifting son who advances along the tightrope of a relapse always latent. For Ben, the mall is a jungle of temptations peeped out of the corner of his eye. For Holly it will be the territory in which to fulfill a ceremony of poetic justice, although the enemy is no longer able to decipher such resentment. In one of the sequences that gives the measure of the risky tone of the film, that protective mother confronts the doctor, Alzheimer's patient, who opened the door to his son's addictions.


Address: Peter Hedges.

Interpreters: Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Kathryn Newton, Alexandra Park.

Gender: drama. United States, 2018.

Duration: 103 minutes.

The return of Ben It draws its strength from the powerful interpretive duel between Lucas Hedges, son of the director, and Julia Roberts, in the skin of two characters who do not advance in the service of an idea, nor are they defined by a schematic outline, but are defined in their own contradictions and suppurate their truth in subtle and revealing gestures. The tones of thriller Progressively nightmarish that dominate the last section of history do not divert attention from the essential: explore the power of affection when everything seems lost.


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