"The return home began," says Guaidó's wife to Venezuelans in Peru

"The return home began," says Guaidó's wife to Venezuelans in Peru

Fabiana Rosales, wife of the head of the Venezuelan Parliament, Juan Guaidó, whom around fifty countries recognize as president in charge, said this Saturday in Lima that his goal is to take the message to his compatriots that "the return home began."

In an interview with Efe in the Peruvian capital Rosales assured that in the world there are already many Venezuelans who are preparing the suitcase for the return because "freedom is getting closer".

Although he acknowledged that he does not know when the government of President Nicolás Maduro will cease, he did highlight the internal crisis in which his leadership finds itself, of which he said that "they can not even go out because they do not feel safe even with their environment".

"They are usurping the Miraflores office," said Rosales, who also rejected Maduro's recent accusations that the Partido Voluntad Popular (VP), of Guaidó, would be planning "assassinations" of Maduro leaders with the services of Central American paramilitaries.

"The only vile people who kill people constantly in my country are them, forcing older adults to suffer calamities, they are the only ones who let children die due to lack of food and medicines," he added.

On the support obtained by her husband, Rosales assured that currently "more than 90% of Venezuelans recognize him as their president", a fact that he said could be noted in the figure of more than 1 million Venezuelans registered to support the income of the humanitarian aid.

"That is seen in the streets of Venezuela, in the smile of many Venezuelans who see hope today," he said.

In this line, he said that Guaidó is fulfilling Operation Libertad, which consists of "the cessation of the usurpation", for which he is traveling through different cities of the country, and that the second step will be to establish a transitional government. and finally to call for free elections.

When asked about the measures taken by the United States to pressure Maduro to leave office, Rosales said the opposition feels "fully backed" and believes that the interest of the US president, Donald Trump, in Venezuela is "defending freedom." and democracy. "

The wife of the opposition leader arrived in Lima on Saturday and began her day in the Peruvian capital with a round of interviews with local and international media, and then continue with a meeting with Venezuelans living in Lima in the Campo de Marte park, located In the city center.

This day will be followed by a meeting with Peruvian Foreign Minister Néstor Popolizio, part of the government of President Martín Vizcarra, to which Rosales thanked for the support given to the Venezuelan community.

Peru was one of the first countries to recognize the legitimacy of Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela with the United States and the Lima Group, and handed over the credentials to his diplomatic representative in Peru, Carlos Scull.

It is also the second country with the largest Venezuelan population in the world, with 660,000 citizens, the great majority arriving in the last two years after fleeing the political, economic and humanitarian crisis affecting Venezuela.


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