Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

The resurgence of the Joventut of Badalona

There are no good times for romantics, the sport has become an increasingly foreign business to the amateur. But there is still a village populated with irreducible. In this case it is not in Gaul but in Badalona, where he Joventut touched the disappearance a little over a year ago and right now it is the most fit team in the Endesa League. I did not presage anything good the beginning of the course. The green-black team chained four consecutive league losses. Barely any European victory intersemanal rearmed the morale of the troops, with menacing black clouds flying over the olympic. But since then, seven consecutive victories have catapulted Penya to the positions of Copa del Rey and they have frightened all the ghosts without the need for movie gadgets.

The radical transformation who has experienced the Joventut It is better understood by listening to its main responsible. “Several things have changed since the beginning of the season so far. First, the recovery of players like Xabi (López-Aróstegui) and Conor Morgan They give us intensity and rhythm. The knowledge of the team among the players has also improved as we had incorporated several new signings. And third, and I would say more importantly, I think that when we have started to win matches we have believed it. But it is a combination of many things in which we are a young team and inexperience at the beginning did us a little damage, ”explains the coach Carles Duran, who kindly attends to The vanguard on the phone despite having the day off.

The bad run as they last

“Among the new ones there was a bit of nerves but those of us who have spent time in Penya live it with peace of mind”

Sports problems at the beginning of the course were experienced in very different ways within the locker room itself. “Among the new players who did not know the environment, anxiety grew a bit. Klemen (Prepelic) and Alen (Omic) were a little nervous. It was not what they expected and surprised them – Duran reveals. But we have a way of being a little different, more than a team we are a small family. So those of us who have been in Penya for a while, we live with peace of mind because we know that this is very long, it's 34 days.

With the essential quarry base as a foundation, the green-black club made an ambitious bet this summer to reinforce the squad. The return to Europe ten years later fed the illusion of a club more accustomed to suffering than to enjoy in recent years. The technical secretariat moved very well and succeeded in getting the assignment of Klemen Prepelic by Real Madrid. So much so that Slovenian is the top scorer of the Endesa League with 21.7 points on average. “It's been a while since Penya didn't have a player with this naturalness to score. But more than the points, I am very happy because he is trying to be a good example, not only being one of the best scorers but also the best team assistants and he has understood our idea very well. It has been very well integrated in the dynamics of a training team eager to grow, ”emphasizes Duran.

Prepelic pleased the technician

“More than for his points, I'm happy because he tries to be an example and has integrated very well”

The spectacular Joventut streak is put to the test in the
three next league days with the visit to Vitoria and the derbies in front of Manresa and Barça in Badalona. A complicated section that is accentuated with the decisive duel against Unics Kazan in the Eurocup, a competition that especially excites the club. "The team has long felt very comfortable in the Olympic, with enough responsibility to do things right and with the illusion and ambition that things can always happen in Badalona," concludes Duran. The greenish village remains irreducible.

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