The restrictions in the Canary Islands will continue until after the Carnival bridge

The government's forecast is to maintain alert levels over the weekend

The government’s forecast is to maintain alert levels over the weekend

The Canarian Executive will study this Thursday, during the celebration of the Governing Council, the report prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health to decide whether the islands that are in levels 2, 3 and 4 of alert for covid they can go to a more favorable degree. However, the forecast of the Government led by Ángel Víctor Torres is maintain the established restrictions at least all weekend, and may be extended until next Thursday, February 18, as a precaution.

The truth is that in the course of the last days, different experts have spoken on the danger that may represent the fact that there is an update of the containment measures before the Carnival bridge that is celebrated in the capital of Gran Canaria next Tuesday. Among them, some of the members of the Scientific Committee that advises the regional Executive in the management of this health crisis. In fact, Professor Antonio Sierra stated last Monday that, although it is true that the evolution of the pandemic in the Archipelago is favorable, “We would have to wait for the Carnival days to go down to lower levels”.

And it is that, although the celebrations are canceled, the professor of Microbiology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of La Laguna (ULL) believes that tradition has a lot of weight in the Islands “and irresponsible behavior may take place that will take its toll.”


On these lines, the head of the Section of the Epidemiology and Prevention Service of the General Directorate of Public Health, Amós García Rojas, argued that, in general, “the festivities go hand in hand with a relaxation of the measures and all precautions that are take in this third wave is little ”.

For his part, the professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of La Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and spokesman for the aforementioned Committee, Luis Serra Majem, assured that, if the improvement of the indicators in Gran Canaria and in Lanzarote, “it would not be worrying to lower alert levels because phases 2 and 3 are very restrictive”.

However, this Wednesday the reflection shared by the Committee was that the reduction of levels should not come into force next Monday, but on Tuesday, to “save the stumbling block of Carnival, which can increase outbreaks.” Especially Monday night, which is the one that presents the most risks due to the private parties that can be organized. “Maintaining curfews helps to contain these possible parties,” said Serra Majem, who added that, since Tuesday is a holiday, the impact on many businesses will be less because they are not open.

The spokesperson further highlighted that a “very positive” trend is observed in the whole of the Archipelago, although the healthcare pressure is still “very important in Lanzarote and significant in Gran Canaria”, so it is evident that the next steps are in the direction of going down the phase. Also, the expert wanted to value that the behavior of the contagion curve in recent weeks has shown the restrictive measures that are adopted for the different islands work.


The specialist in Pulmonology and deputy of the Popular Group and spokesman for Health, Miguel Ángel Ponce, yesterday accused the Government of the Canary Islands of “putting its political sectarianism before the vaccination of the Canaries, thus putting at risk the objective of having 70 immunized % of the population in the shortest time possible ”. Ponce defended an initiative in the Plenary of Parliament to optimize and clarify the vaccination strategy and urged Health to complete this plan “with a more precise schedule and detailing the human resources and places that will be needed to complete the following phases.” However, he regretted the vote against the parties that support the Government. Also, he warned that the battle against the virus is not won and demanded that the restrictions not be lowered “at the gates of the Carnivals.” | LP / Agencies.


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