November 26, 2020

The response of the Albacete player to Íñigo Errejón for his tweet about Zozulya after Rayo-Albacete

The match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete was suspended at the break by consensus and "seamless" between referee José Antonio López Toca and the Royal Spanish Football Federation, because "the necessary conditions were not given" to play for the insults received by Román Zozulya, as revealed by Víctor Varela, vice president of the Manchego group.

That generated a tweet from Errejón, leader of More country: “With the fans of Lightning, with anti-racism. When has a game been suspended so many times because of racist insults? For a football that is an example, committed, supportive, without Nazis ”

And then the response of Tomeu Nadal, Albacete player: “Mr. Errejon, either we set an example and we stop all kinds of insults or we don't move forward as a country, and you who want to build a better Spain (the Government) should be the first to set an example before any act of this kind. Advance is important ”

A part of the Lightning fans, the one located in the only background of the stadium, sang repeatedly during the first half 'Roman Zozulya Nazi fucking'.

The chants caused the referee to stop the game twice for a few seconds in the first half so that the cessation of the insults was requested by public address. Before the reiteration of the offensive chants, the second part was not disputed.

"The decision to suspend the match has been taken by the referee together with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, but it must be said that we have had the support of the League and Lightning," said Varela, who stressed that this decision is chosen for "defending the integrity of people and athletes."

"We defend the values ​​of the sport and from Albacete we are in favor of suspension, because there were no conditions to play," Varela confessed.

According to the leader of the Manchego team Román Zozulya, he came "to the affected locker room because it has been a hard situation for him."

"Since he arrived at the club he has had exemplary behavior, he is a good footballer and I want him to play without any pressure," he said.

Now, after the suspension of the game at rest, you will have to decide what happens with the second forty-five minutes.

"The determination has to be taken by the federation, but we have no problem playing the remaining 45 minutes if integrity is guaranteed," Varela concluded.

Zozulya's story with the Lightning goes back to January 2017, when the Ukrainian arrived on loan from Betis. A few days after announcing his incorporation he went back to Seville without debuting, or training with his new teammates due to the rejection that the Vallecana fans showed him, accusing him of "Nazi affiliation." EFE


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