Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

The response of Javier Tebas, from LaLiga, to whether it is still from Vox

Javier Tebas, recently re-elected president of LaLiga, was in Cope and was talking about several things. They asked him if he had congratulated Pedro Sánchez when he was elected presidents. “I have no relationship with him to congratulate him. But I do not think so if Santiago Abascal won. As president of LaLiga I have to sit down with anyone who has to give explanations or dialogue, also with Pablo Iglesias, who is the vice president of Spain, of my nation, ”he replied.

He spoke again of Vox: “I vote for Vox, I’m not from Vox. I am not a man who usually changes his ideological position ”.

And he had to respond to who prefers for the Federation or Rajoy or Casilla: “I think it’s all a bit Kafka. I don’t know, really. I haven’t talked to Iker Casillas since all this was announced. He has an agreement with LaLiga, it is an icon. If you make the decision to introduce yourself, I’ll talk to him. I didn’t talk to him about introducing himself to the RFEF. Really. The last time I saw Casillas I didn’t talk about this with him. Casillas told me that he did not agree with what Rubiales and his team at the head of the Federation were doing. He told me that he was worried about what was happening in Spanish football. ”

Because he wants me not to follow Rubiales: “The one I don’t like is Rubiales. Then we should see who has the best team to stand against him. Do I introduce myself? No, no. I don’t, I’m from LaLiga. My world is LaLiga. , football clubs. The Federation is another network. I will take a position when the candidates are announced. “

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