January 23, 2021

The respect we deserve | sports

The respect we deserve | sports

Three months is an eternity.

There is nothing to discourage a footballer (and a team or club) more than having no goals to fight for. The days and weeks become eternal and the trainings and games are a suffering. That is what awaits Real Madrid after the debacle, possible and expected, last Tuesday. And I say possible and expected because today in Madrid there are only shortcomings. Management, planning, leadership, ideas and fundamentals. Above all of fundamentals. When you compete in the best league in the world and in the Champions you face the European champions, you need football fundamentals with what to defend yourself and those who grab you. Those that showed the Ajax already in the first leg, in Amsterdam where he gave a real recital playing what they know, what they have been training and working for years: mastery and control of the game, exquisite technique, movements and changes of constant positions , compact equipment, suffocating pressure and … courage. And here I return to my article last week, in which I said that what will make you successful is what made you choose this sport when you were a child, and these children Ajax had it very clear: have fun playing.

Football DNA.

I take advantage of my experience abroad and also my opportunity to know the operation of some clubs, staffs technicians and professionals of our country, to write about the excellent level of Spanish coaches, who both in methodology and knowledge of the game are far above the rest of countries. Maybe they have something in the DNA? That is, because of our football culture and the tradition of years and years, is it possible that human adaptation takes us to a higher level already acquired when it comes to understanding the game? A conversation about football made me curious about this topic and the truth is that every day I am more convinced by that theory.

Women's football deserves better treatment.

A few days ago it was news that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) intends to set up a parallel competition to the current Liga Iberdrola. The news and the project (without commenting on whether or not it is a good idea) is surprising, but above all because it is a unilateral proposal, leaving aside the clubs, LaLiga and all those that until now seemed like finally They went hand in hand. Just a few weeks ago, the design for the next season and the following ones was already outlined, and decided by everyone and everyone, but now there is a total turn with a taste of rupture and a long war in which little or nothing matters the development of our sport. Daily we turned our faces to not see or know if the support for women's football was real or compromise, because what mattered was that there was. However, especially today, on women's day, we look straight ahead to ask for the respect we deserve. Who is not up to our sport or really committed to it, to leave room. There are many people looking forward to working for and for Spanish women's football.

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