March 4, 2021

The resounding response of Brazil to Messi after winning the Américo Cup in Peru

"It's frustrating to be told by a player of his quality, a crack who is admired by everyone." The referees also granted many things in their favor in #Barcelona and the national team and did not talk about corruption in the refereeing, "said Marquinhos, player of the PSG on the words of Messi.

He continued: "He lost and he has to accept it, we lost things, in the World Cup we lost against Belgium doing a good game, but Belgium defended and won, we have to know how to lose too", he added.

The defender of the 'Canarinha' assured that Brazil is "a very champion", "clear" and "deserved".

"It's not always the best team that has to be a champion, it was a final in the World Cup with two teams that did a great job, but not the ones that made the best football, I think it's just," he reaffirmed.

"Those who have a mouth speak what they want," said the Real Madrid Casemiro.

"He has to have more respect, he has to understand and accept when he's beaten," said Tite, the Brazil coach. "As a player he is an alien but he must take care of his words."

Even Alves, his friend, replied: "I can understand that Messi is upset, but I do not share that this is bought because the sweat we left to get it has been very big."

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