May 15, 2021

The resolution in the corruption case that splashes Correa will be known on Tuesday

The hearing for the alleged corruption case in which former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is accused (2007-2017) will be reinstated next Tuesday in three rooms in Quito and one in Guayaquil via telematics in order for the judges to make known its resolution.

This was reported by the State Attorney General’s Office in a statement stating that “the reading of the resolution will be announced by judges Iván León (rapporteur), Iván Saquicela and Marco Rodríguez”.

The “Bribes 2012-2016” case, whose main defendant is former President Correa, will have its resolution in the Guayas Provincial Court of Justice by electronic means, given the emergency situation that the country is experiencing due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“For this diligence, the procedural subjects will have to take advantage of the biosecurity measures due to the pandemic of COVID-19 that affects the country. To enter the buildings, the personnel of the health and administrative department will carry out temperature controls on the assistants , who must be wearing masks, gloves and will be provided with antibacterial gel, “the statement said.

The case, which judges an alleged corruption network set up during the Correa government, concluded its hearing stage on March 6, after 13 discontinuous days of proceedings.

As of that date, the magistrates analyzed the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, as well as the arguments of the defense of the 21 accused of having committed the alleged crime of bribery in financing the Alianza País movement while under the command of Belt.

At the hearings in early March, the attorney general, Diana Salazar, accused the ex-president of having given the orders for the crime to be committed without having to participate directly: “Everything was organized from above,” he said.

In addition to the maximum prison sentence prescribed in the law, Salazar considered it necessary to pay an economic reparation that would amount to $ 1.13 billion, the global value of each of the contracts that were delivered within this corruption plot.

Representatives of the State Attorney General’s Office must attend the reading of the sentence, an entity that participates as a private prosecution.

The defense of the accused in Guayaquil may be presented by videoconference due to the level of spread of the virus in that city.

Due to the circumstances in the country, the number of people in the rooms will be limited to less than 15 in each one.


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