September 25, 2020

The Resident singer prepares the launch of his own beer

The resident singer prepares the release of his own beer to the market, which is expected to bear his name, according to a video that appears this Saturday on his account on the social network of Instagram.

René Pérez Joglar, in the video, stages a beer tasting, on the way to offer his followers a top quality product from his own consumer experience, which now leads him to make an incursion into the business world.

“We are looking for the best option for the beer public,” says Residente in the material, which appears to be engraved in a production center.

Today’s Resident announcement is not entirely new, as he had already announced in some video his intention to launch into the beer market, basically due to being a big fan of this drink.

“Tripel resident,” he says in another video, in which he is seen taking several beers with that name out of the fridge.

The Puerto Rican artist, according to local media, has been working on this project since last year, when he started the idea together with the Del Oeste brewery.

According to the Puerto Rican website on the world of beer “Craft Beer Generation”, Residente joined the firm to collaborate on his own product.

Resident, as it stands out, is a great follower of the beers of Europe, among which he especially appreciates the Tripel Karmeliet brand.

“Craft Beer Generation” notes that the singer’s favorite style is “Belgian Tripel”, so he is expected to release a product with a similar taste.

This type of beer stands for a yeast that gives it character and for its high percentage of alcohol, between 7 and 8 degrees, according to “Craft Beer Generation.

The beer is expected to be available for sale in a canned container.

Del Oeste is a company owned by Cervecera de Puerto Rico, which produces Medalla Light, the most popular brand on the Caribbean island.


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