The rescue toll roads will be free from midnight to 6 o'clock in the morning | Economy

Development will lower by 30% the toll of the nine motorways rescued from January 15 | Economy

Motorists traveling through the toll roads that had to be rescued by the Government after its bankruptcy in the night periods from 00.00 to 06.00 hours will not pay any toll, according to the tariff agreement that will be approved by the Council of Ministers, in its meeting today.

For the rest of the schedules, the average reduction will be 30% on the current rates, as it was advanced last Tuesday by the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos. With these measures, the Government intends to increase traffic through these routes and improve road safety for drivers, as well as the profitability of them.

These rates will be applicable, from January 15, 2019, to the R-3 / R-5 motorways; R-2; R-4, M-12, AP-7 (Circunvalación de Alicante), AP-7 (Cartagena-Vera), and AP-36 (Ocaña-La Roda). In the case of the Madrid-Toledo motorway (AP-41), they may also be applied once this begins to be managed by the State through the State Company of Land Transport Infrastructure (SEITT), on the date determined by the secretary General Infrastructure

The Council of Ministers will approve today the rates that will be applied in 2019 to the toll motorways managed by SEITT, under the agreement signed in August 2017. The toll of these highways will not be affected by the average rise of 1.67 % to be applied from January 1 on the rest of payment roads of the state network, an automatic annual increase that the Government and the concession sector agreed in 2002.

The tariffs have been set according to the general principles of the tariff authority and to those that particularly apply to the toll motorways, also trying to homogenize them, as well as a generalized reduction that, on average, will be of the aforementioned 30% .

Likewise, specific discounts are approved for frequent users that use electronic payment systems (TAG) and the general secretary of infrastructures is authorized to apply additional bonuses at the proposal of SEITT.


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