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The reproach of Amaia Salamanca to Broncano on Pique's account in 'La Resistencia'

El reproche de Amaia Salamanca a Broncano a cuenta de Piqué

The Gerard interview Pique in
The resistance
Last Thursday, he keeps bringing cola. And more when one of the guests scheduled for that day was canceled at the last minute before the arrival of the Barça player. The "victim" of that "kick" as she has explained herself, is Amaia Salamanca. The actress, who went to the space of David on Tuesday night Broncano, he made it clear to the presenter how upset he was. He even threw a hard reproach that the comedian tried to fit in with his particular sense of humor.

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"Full man who gives me the kick to bring Piqué", begins explaining the protagonist of Velvet.

Amaia Salamanca visits 'La Resistencia'

Amaia Salamanca visits 'La Resistencia'

"And not only that, is that Thursday was my birthday. It was very exciting for me to come here", Continued Salamanca. To what Broncano tried to justify with a: "It's that Piqué lives far away ...", and she resides in Madrid.

Despite the irony of the presenter of MoviStar +, the actress made it clear that "here I am, so you can see that I do not have any kind of grudge, motherfucker". "It can not be so, so like that ...", said Broncano. But that's how it was. In fact, Amaia explained with hairs and signs what was the excuse they gave her. "It's like that, the day before I come here," he released. "It could not have been the day before," the comedian replied. "Wednesday," she insisted, and "They did not want to tell me who he was."

Amaia Salamanca abronca to Broncano in 'La Resistencia'

Amaia Salamanca abronca to Broncano in 'La Resistencia'

"What excuse was given to you?" Broncano asked. "That there was another person who could only come that day," Salamanca recalled. "But you have to talk to Fernando, the guest coordinator. You have to perfect that. It must be said that a virus has entered the set"The presenter threw sarcasm. "Enter has entered because someone has entered the Barca, or that", concluded the interpreter with that zasca. This is how this funny moment was lived in The resistance.

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