The representative Toño Matilla defends himself from the supposed boycott of Talavante | Culture

The representative Toño Matilla defends himself from the supposed boycott of Talavante | Culture

"I decide to conclude the professional relationship with Alejandro Talavante – which I consider a great bullfighter – in Granada on June 1 after he demanded, not already an increase of 15,000 euros in his fees for each performance, as has been published in the the last days, but that his emoluments were increased until billing "more than the more", arguing that he was "the best, the number one".

Thus begins an extensive communication signed by the attorney, businessman and rancher Toño Matilla, in which he defends his work as manager of the career of the bullfighter from Extremadura and rejects the accusations of a supposed boycott to this as a result of its rupture.

"After trying unsuccessfully on occasion," he continues, "I considered that I could not get what he demanded and I ended the professional relationship that united us. I could not disappoint him or myself. Modestly, I think 'number one' has to be reflected in the box office, and he was not. "

According to Matilla, "untruthful and untruthful information has been published that attempts to damage the honesty and professionalism with which I have tried to work throughout my professional career". He also states that he has "no power, capacity or desire whatsoever to boycott the professional career of Alejandro Talavante or any other bullfighter; only and exclusively I dedicate myself to work every day to defend the interests of those right-handers who trust me to be by their side ".

Next, it tells in detail the circumstances that led to the bankruptcy of the professional relationship.

Matilla states that the bullfighter asked him on May 28 to get rid of all contracts already signed and to renegotiate his fees according to the new claims. The first attempt was made with the Pamplona company "and was completely frustrated", according to his words.

"Alejandro Talavante was perfectly aware that at the time of our professional break, after his victory at Las Ventas, we had contracted bullfights with date, livestock, posters and fees. On May 8 I transmitted to him orally before eyewitnesses, and in writing, this information that he himself approved, "the statement continues.

Concreta Matilla, in addition, that Talavante was left out of the fair of Valladolid "because the bullfighter himself imposed bullfighting a bullfight he had bought himself – something completely unusual – of the livestock of Núñez del Cuvillo. The company of the bullring of Valladolid, of which I am part, replied that he had already won for that purpose and could not accept his proposal. "

The attorney believes that it is "an absolute defamation" that he had asked the company in the Plaza de Madrid not to hire the bullfighter for the Autumn Fair, and that there was no boycott when Alejandro Talavante acted in the bullring in Zaragoza, in the farewell of Juan José Padilla, last October 14. "Even so," he continues, "he did not wait to announce his retirement even one day, out of respect for a man, a bullfighter, (Juan José Padilla), a fellow who deserved it and had won it in the ring to throughout his career. "

Matilla then quotes the fairs in which, according to his words, he had hired Talavante and they were left in the air as a result of the new demands of the bullfighter: Madrid, Bilbao, Pamplona, ​​San Sebastian, Almería, Salamanca, Logroño, Valladolid, Palencia, Huesca, El Puerto de Santamaría and Colmenar Viejo; "And these others," he adds, "to which we had already sent contracts for signing also before the end of our power-sharing relationship: Granada, Santander, Gijón, Zamora, Dax, Mont de Marsan, León, Segovia or Alicante, between others ".

Challenge the bullfighter to publicly declare "if the information I'm exposing is not true," and says he is "enormously satisfied and proud to have helped Alejandro Talavante in a specific stage of his career, and that the turnover of the bullfighter increased 44% from 2015 to 2017, the last full season in which we work together. "

"I love and respect bullfighting", ends. "I have dedicated my life and sacrificed a lot of time with my family for this work that I love so much and in which I spend so much time."

And he asks, finally, forbearance because "as every human being I will have made mistakes and successes throughout my professional life. I have always accepted and accepted all the criticisms with a good spirit and a learning spirit. Therefore, if ever in the daily exercise of my duties someone was offended, I apologize publicly. "


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