April 16, 2021

The reported violations in Spain rose by 22.7% in 2018 | Society

The reported violations in Spain rose by 22.7% in 2018 | Society

Sexual assault with penetration in Spain increased by 22.7% during 2018 – there were 1,702 rape crimes reported last year, compared to 1,387 in 2017 – and so did the rest of attacks and abuses without penetration in a 17.5 % -12,109 compared to 10,305 in 2017-. Crimes against freedom and sexual indemnity represent the biggest rise in the balance of criminality last year, published on Thursday by the Ministry of the Interior, with 18.1%, ahead of kidnappings (17.4%) and drug trafficking offenses (9%).

As for homicides and murders, the figures are down: 289 against 307 in 2017, 5.9% less. In gender violence, they represent one in six. Last year also registered the lowest figure since there is specific official registration: 47 women were killed by their partners or ex-975 since 2003-. The radiography was that of a middle-aged woman (17 were between 41 and 50 years old), murdered by a couple with whom she also lived (it happened in 28 of the cases) and who had no prior complaint (only 14 had done so) ).

These official data do not yet include the murders of women who have not been committed unless their partners or ex-partners, such as that of professor Laura Luelmo, murdered by Bernardo Montoya last December in El Campillo, in Huelva. Something that the Government announced that it would change in the medium term with the new statistics prepared by the Government Delegation for Gender Violence, what requested last autumn to the government delegations data from October 1 about the fatalities that would not have occurred in the area of ​​intimate relationships.

This is a continuation of a trend that already reflected the crime balance of all 2017, in which the set of crimes against sexual freedom rose by 7.8% with respect to 2016 and sexual attacks with penetration increased by 10.6%.


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