The report of Tres Cantos for the Community to welcome minors will be negative

The report of Tres Cantos for the Community to welcome minors will be negative

The Government of Tres Cantos believes that the project proposed by the Community for the reception of children in the residence Palace of Valdes is "the same situation" that raised the City of Madrid with the reception of migrants, so the reports of the City Council of Tricantino "They will be negative."

The spokesman of the Government of the town, Javier Juarez (PP), explained today in statements to Efe that the response that finally gives the Consistory will be based on the technical reports that, according to the regulations in force, will be negative.

Juarez has assured that the use that the Community of Madrid intends to give to this center when receiving children from the shelter center of Hortaleza would be community housing, a utility that is currently not allowed for this complex.

Therefore, he added that "it is not a matter of administrations, of wills or negotiations, but of some technical reports" that, according to the regulations, can not approve the license for the activity proposed by the Community of Madrid.

Juarez has added that another option for the regional government would be to apply Article 161 of the Land Law, which allows both the State and the Community of Madrid (that is, administrations superior to the municipal) to "impose" a change of Use temporarily and due to emergency circumstances.

However, the spokesman of the Government of Tres Cantos has pointed out that this possibility has not yet been discussed with the Community of Madrid, who "the first thing you have to do is raise a project, if it is finally submitted for the activity license "


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