The Reparos case goes to the Supreme Court for the criminal evidence of Clavijo

Arcadio Suarez

The court follows the Anti-corruption criteria

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The Court of Instruction number four of San Cristóbal La Laguna has submitted to the Second Chamber (Criminal) of the Supreme Court a reasoned statement in
separate piece on alleged involvement of Senator Fernando Clavijo Batlle in the so-called objections case when he was mayor of La Laguna, as the instructor of these preliminary proceedings (323/2018) understood that «
there are indications that Mr. Clavijo could have committed a continuous crime of administrative prevarication when solving objections of the intervention «in multiple files, according to the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands.

As Fernando Clavijo is a senator, his national appraisal determines that only the Supreme Court could investigate him, in the event that the La Laguna magistrate's brief is upheld.

See here the reasoned brief of the Court on the Reparos case:

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