Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The rejection of a bar to an extronista of 'MYHYV': "We have dignity"

El rechazo de un bar a un extronista de ‘MYHYV’: “Tenemos dignidad”

Iván Sánchez, who was a tronista of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV
) continues his life outside the spotlights of the small screen per very close to those of the clubs. The problem is that not everyone wants their services and the rejection of a cocktail bar to the proposal of his manager has gone viral. The answer, sentence: "We have dignity"

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Everything started with the request of the representative of the vice versa to a cocktail bar in Zaragoza. As he argued in a direct message from Instagram, he contacted them to "see the possibility of making a bolus at his place." The price, "600 euros", but also "hotel and travel" included.

600 euros + hotel and travel

In return Iván Sánchez "He would take pictures, he would make his show, he would talk to people" and "he would put shots". Is say, a whole display that counteracts enough with another type of bowling of vice versa with more 'cache' where they can be seen acclaimed by a crowd that chanted their name uploaded to a stage.

In this case the pub de coas did not finish seeing business and went directly to the manager of the extronista of the dating show of the mornings of Cuatro. "If you pay me 5,000, I'll let you go in to pee but quickly," he argued, to conclude: "Do not bother, we have dignity in my place and the shows are made by artists, musicians and people like that ".

This pub has shared its response in social networks, generating a multitude of comments in its favor. "This is how all locals should respond to offers from this crowd", pointed one. "You have my respect forever," said another.

In general, the comments were repeated in the same tone: if they go to Zaragoza they will go to the El Zorro pub to enjoy their shows made by artists and not by former participants of the morning program of Cuatro. In the case of Ivan, he will have to find another place.

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