The regions of the PP request by letter to Montero to convene and reform the regional financing




Tax advisors of regions governed by the PP -Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia, Madrid, Castile and Leon Y Ceuta- have sent a letter to the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, in which they are required to convene in an "urgent" manner the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, with the aim of "resolving all issues related to regional financing that remain pending".

This has been communicated after these leaders met last Friday in the capital, in the Royal House of Post, headquarters of the Government of the Community of Madrid, to share their concerns after the formation of the new central government.

In the letter, to which Europa Press has had access, he is also transferred his «firm willingness to collaborate loyally»With the Ministry in a framework of« multilateral dialogue »with all autonomies,« understanding that bilateral meetings with some do not facilitate the spirit of territorial cohesion ».

Relying on his "favorable response" to restore "normal dialogue and collaboration" that requires the proper functioning of institutions and respect for citizens, they also expose those points that they believe should be addressed at the next meeting of that body .

On the one hand, they call for the reform of the current regional financing system that guarantees «inter-territorial solidarity and equity» but also «the fiscal co-responsibility, dynamic sufficiency and financial sustainability necessary to provide the services that are the competence» of the regions .

These finance advisors consider that «the modelo must be simplified and transparent in its negotiation and subsequent execution, while correcting the under-financing problems suffered by the autonomous communities and cities ».

Respect your policies

They have also asked for respect to fiscal budgetary policies, which in use of the capacity derived from the constitutional regulations, apply each community, which is allowing theirs «lower taxes on citizens».

They also demand the return «immediate»Of the pending VAT settlement of December 2017, for an amount close to 2,500 million euros. "Its unjustifiable delay is causing serious damage to the autonomous coffers and, therefore, to public services that meet the needs of citizens," they have claimed in the letter, dated Monday.

Delivery on account

These six directors have requested detailed explanation and, where appropriate, correction of the «unpublished»Cut that,« unilaterally », applied the Ministry of Finance on deliveries on account of 2019, whose modification has meant« a breakdown of 120.75 million euros for the whole of the autonomous communities of common regime » .

In this regard, they have requested communication of deliveries on account for 2020 to guarantee the execution of our budgets or to be able to elaborate them on a reliable income base, since they consider that «the amounts reported depend, to a large extent, on the financing of the public services that the communities manage».

Finally, in relation to the setting of the conditions applicable to credit operations that the State has agreed with each of the autonomies by joining the Autonomous Liquidity Fund during 2020, it is necessary that this process be carried out with “clarity and certainty ", on the basis of a" frank and fluid "work.


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