The regional government, the Gran Canaria Cabildo and the Prosecutor's Office collect documentation to act against Father Báez

Fernando Báez Santana, known as Father Báez, at a demonstration in 2010. |  |  LP / DLP

Fernando Báez Santana, known as Father Báez, at a demonstration in 2010. | | LP / DLP

The Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Las Palmas has proceeded ex officio to initiate investigation proceedings in order to determine whether the statements made during the past few days by Fernando Báez Santana in various media and social networks deserve the qualification of a criminal offense. This was announced yesterday by the Prosecutor's Office itself following the fact that Báez Santana, known as Father Báez, spread a message justifying the murder of Anna and Olivia on social networks in which blames the murders on the "infidelity" of the girls' mother, Beatriz Zimmermann.

The Las Palmas Provincial Prosecutor's Office has indicated that the social outrage generated by such demonstrations and the common rejection that they have become creditors encourage this communication. Báez, for his part, yesterday addressed a letter to his parishioners in which he insists on his affirmations and in which he calls "murderers" those who have questioned the girls' father, Tomás Gimeno.

Many are the signs of rejection of Báez's messages, from the Bishopric, who last Sunday he distanced himself from the demonstrations and described them as "unworthy", even institutions and organizations such as the Telde City Council or the UGT union.

The Government of the Canary Islands, as the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Prosecutor's Office have already done, is collecting the necessary documentation to be able to act against the Catholic priest. This was announced by the President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, who on Sunday, as soon as he had knowledge of the demonstrations of the parish priest, contacted the Minister of Justice, Julio Pérez, to initiate the procedures that are necessary for these statements "do not go unpunished."

"It is unacceptable"

The Canarian president expressed his appreciation to both the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Provincial Prosecutor's Office "because it is unacceptable to look the other way to some embarrassing, unacceptable, regrettable and reportable statements by Father Báez".

Torres wanted to make it clear that Canarian society "is ashamed of these statements", because "they do not represent us and no one feels close to statements of such caliber, that it leaves the person who has made them to nothing. According to Torres, "it is unfortunate that when we have to fight sexist violence there are people who justify the unjustifiable." "It embarrasses me as a canary and we cannot stay on the sidelines," he added.

He also thanked the reaction of the Bishopric of the Canary Islands, who on behalf of Bishop José Mazuelos and the entire diocesan community communicated its "categorical" rejection of the demonstrations expressed by the priest. However, the president considers that the Church has to put in place those mechanisms that allow "to remove those who climb a pulpit and use the word to go against what society is trying to overcome every day. , which is nothing other than definitively ending sexist violence ».

“No one can be allowed to put a grain of sand to stoke hatred of women and the damage that the girls' father, Tomás Gimeno, has caused to society and to the mother. It has us all ashamed, "he concluded.

Also the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, asked the Church for a "more forceful" response to the demonstrations of Báez. Moreles considers that the Church would have to apply Canon Law and "not only show a rejection of the statements that Báez has expressed."


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