The regional government "never" has declared the script "Raza" to be of cultural interest

The Government of Navarre has denied declaring in 1993 or subsequently declaring the script of the film "Raza" and the first issue of the film "Noticiarios y documentales (NO-DO) as Assets of Cultural Interest".

On this matter, Congressman Unidos Maura deputy Eduardo Maura has asked, after being published that the script of "Raza", whose author was Francisco Franco, and the copy of the NODE, are included among the assets of the House-Museum of Arrese of Corella, and were declared assets of cultural interest 25 years ago.

In this regard, the Regional Government clarifies in a note that the declaration as an Asset of Cultural Interest agreed by the Government of Navarra by means of a Provincial Decree in 1993 "referred only to the building 'Casa-Museo de Arrese', with the category of Monument, but not the collection that housed this one ".

Three years before, the file was started to grant the qualification to the aforementioned center, inside which "there was a large collection of goods (around 1,200), of an archaeological, sculptural, pictorial and historical nature, among which were the aforementioned script. and copy of the NO-DO ".

The current Regional Government explains that a Provincial Order of 1993, with the Navarrese Executive in the hands of UPN with Juan Cruz Alli as president, agreed to include said collection of goods in the General Inventory of Movable Property.

"Given the large quantity and diverse quality of the assets that make up the collection, it was proposed in a report that accompanied the file, to include at the beginning all the Inventory, to later raise to the category of Cultural Interest those that stand out its category '", explains the current Government.

However, after the inclusion in the General Inventory, the Government of Navarre did not declare any of the assets of the aforementioned collection of Cultural Interest, assures.


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