May 11, 2021

The Regional Federation demands the immediate start of the de-escalation plan

The Canarian Wrestling Federation demands the immediate start of the de-escalation plan that allows the vernacular sport to return to activity. In December 2020, a representation of the regional federative body, headed by its president Francisco Rivero, met with the general director of the Canary Islands Health Service, Conrado Domínguez, and with the general director of Sports, Manolo López. At this meeting, the parties agreed to draw up a specific text that would collect the most useful sections of all the protocols that had been submitted up to that date by different entities and by individuals, as was effectively done in a timely manner.

Since last January, the Canarian Wrestling Federation has insisted on the need to implement this protocol. The federative entity hoped that the situation would be unblocked in the meeting called for this week with Manolo López and Conrado Domínguez. But it could not be held on the day originally set, Wednesday, as the presence of the director of the Canary Islands Health Service was unfeasible. This also could not be carried out on Thursday; When part of those summoned were already connected telematically, the Director of General for Sports confirmed Domínguez’s absence and the meeting had to be postponed again. The new date for the meeting is pending.

Such was the confidence of the Federation that the de-escalation plan would finally be given the green light, that an agreement was reached with Norberto Marrero Gordillo, a sports doctor who participated in the development of the protocol, to be responsible for its execution, developing a rigorous campaign of responsibility and awareness for the strict follow-up of the prescriptions contained in the document by athletes and all the agents of a vernacular sport that impatiently awaits the return after more than a year waiting.


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