The regional and base soccer teams will be divided into groups of 14 - La Provincia

The regional and base soccer categories of the province of Las Palmas will have groups of no more than 14 teams for the 2020-21 academic year, except in exceptional cases. These and other modifications have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Inter-Island Federation. In addition, it is agreed that all the teams of the Second Territorial, which disappears, ascend to First, including the teams that register for the next league campaign.

In this way, the Preferred Regional would have two groups and the First, with four. Although it is subject to what the Royal Spanish Football Federation decides, in addition to Puerto Las Palmas and Arucas, the champion of the island of Lanzarote will also be promoted to the Division of Honor for juveniles as it has a better coefficient than La Oliva, from Fuerteventura. In turn, the creation of the Autonomous Cadet category is postponed.

To the new Preferred Regional formed by two groups, the champions of Lanzarote (San Bartolomé) and Fuerteventura (Herbania), and the Gran Canaria Agaete, San Isidro, Goleta, Las Remudas, Las Longueras, Carrizal and Valsequillo, the latter, would access from the first. as the fourth with the best coefficient, beating Valleseco by tenths.

More complicated will be the configuration of the groups in the First Category. To the 29 teams that remain in it are added the 12 that have risen since the Second. With all of them you can make three groups, but you have to take into account the new registrants and also the dropouts. Therefore, the composition of the category may be made up of three or four groups.


The grassroots categories will also be affected by these modifications forced by the Covid-19. Thus, the Youth Preferential will have two groups and the teams necessary to complete the two groups of 14 will ascend to it, in order of classification and coefficients. The same will happen in the First Youth, Preferential Cadet, Preferential Alevín and Benjamin Preferente. Also the First components of these categories will be distributed in the same way.


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