The Regenta holds a discussion table around the exhibition 'On Gravity'

The La Regenta Art Center holds a discussion table around the Juan José Valencia exhibition that the center is currently exhibiting, in which several speakers will reflect on gravity from different disciplines of knowledge such as philosophy, art criticism or astrophysics. Along with the artist, the critic Mariano de Santa Ana, professor Ángel Mollá and astrophysicist Ana Esteban Gutiérrez will participate. The event will be this Wednesday, June 16, at 7:00 p.m., and requires prior registration on the center's website.

During the event, other issues related to the exhibition will be addressed, such as the problem of representation in art, the relationship of human beings with nature and the political dimension of space. Viewers are invited to intervene with contributions or questions, in order to add voices and perspectives to the dialogue. Through the round table it is intended to find a deeper interpretation of the work of the Tenerife artist who, through his production, addresses the tension between gravity and weightlessness and the paradox of its representation within artistic activity.

The exhibition of the Tenerife artist is exhibited in the Gran Canaria room until June 26

Over four years, Juan José Valencia immersed himself in a creative process that has led him to create around 200 works that revolve around various reflections such as the possible privatization of space, the humiliating treatment of human beings at the nature or the current mass consumption of images. As for what gravity means for him, Juan José Valencia answers that "that feeling of emptiness in space has a lot to do with what artists feel when creating."


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