The Regenta discovers the five projects inspired by César Manrique

This set of projects, integrated under the title About César Manrique, and promoted on the occasion of the centenary of the Lanzarote creator in 2019, have been developed over two years and base their production on key elements of Manrique's work: the environment and sustainability, the territory and its context or the relationship between tourism and landscape.


The projects presented are Unpublished Materials, by Alby Álamo, a multi-screen video installation and a photographic publication, which focuses on Manrique's own materials and objects to create a work that investigates the relationship between nature and culture. Salinas, by Luna Bengoechea, are site-specific creations in different salt flats of the Archipelago, with aerial drawings, traced with salt, of migratory birds that come to the ecosystem of the salt flats during their migratory periods.

They are joined by FERRO and the poetics of island colors by Alexis W, in which the artist painted with ferrous sulfate, an earth-colored mineral, an 800-meter cement road located in the area of ​​the Beaches, to integrate into the surroundings of the place with colors typical of the El Hierro landscape. If César Were a Woman, by ziREjA, is a photographic series based on the documentary records of Lanzarote in a reinterpretation of appearance using different models. And complete this selection Wrong | País, by Acaymo S. Cuesta, which denounces a physical reality embodied through an «aesthetic geometric» formalization of corruption, the result of which is urban corruption in recent years in Lanzarote.


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