The reform works that we will see the most in 2021



The coronavirus pandemic has brought consequences at all levels. Above all, sanitary and economic. But also on a social level. The strict confinement we had to abide by for weeks He put on the table the concept of telework, which in Spain was being very timidly experimented with until then. In addition, we discovered the need to be able to enjoy other types of spaces and amenities in our homes, in which we now spend much more time than before.

All this has in turn affected the real estate and construction sectors. The new labor customs and enjoyment of leisure time have made the demand for purchases and rentals moves from the large urban centers to their periphery. A garden, common areas, a terrace or a glazed balcony are today valued much more than the proximity to the office, in an apartment in the middle of the city, for example.

Who has not moved or is thinking of moving to a more comfortable property, it is very likely that you will consider carrying out some type of reform in your home. Therefore, it is not surprising that the reform works that we will see the most in 2021 are marked by the Covid-19 crisis and the deficiencies that it uncovered in the housing field.

Spaces for teleworking

Teleworking seems to have come to stay. Many are the companies that have realized its advantages and no longer plan to go back. Workers, then, have to adapt their homes to this new reality. Hence, the reforms to create areas specially enabled for this task are one of the trends in the world of interior design for this 2021.

There are those who can dedicate a room to turn it into an office. In this way, modern, functional spaces, very well lit, command, either naturally or artificially, and with very few details, to avoid distractions. Straight lines in the furniture, shelving on the wall, storage drawers and the game with different heights to optimize spaces is what is most carried.

If it is about adapting only one corner of a room, the most important thing is the taking advantage of every centimeter and the use of elements that mark a distinction, separation or contrast with the rest of the room. When houses have an outdoor space, a word that begins to sound strongly in the world of remote work and architecture is “backyard office”, which is nothing more than building a small office in the yard or in the garden.

Larger and more integrated spaces

So many hours at home have made us discover that dark corridors and narrow rooms create stress. Hence another of the trends in home renovations of the year is tearing down walls to create larger, brighter, integrated and multifunctional spaces.

Pulling walls to join the living room with the hall or with part of the distributor corridor, or the kitchen with the dining room, for example, will be one of the renovation works that we will see the most in 2021. The idea that predominates in many homes is that of make the two main rooms of the house one, so that whoever spends a lot of time in front of the stove does not miss out on the rest of their family life.

From an aesthetic and architectural point of view, Eliminating partitions is the best solution to gain light in the rooms and generate a feeling of spaciousness. Platforms or islands that divide one space from another will also be one of the most demanded works once the walls have been knocked down.

New bathroom, new house

The bathrooms in the house are also in the trend of renovations. Renewing the tiles, taps and toilets in the toilets will complete the facelift of our home, now that it is not only a place dedicated to hygiene, but also to relaxation.

The forecast is that throughout 2021 the fight against coronavirus is won. But it seems that the sense that the house is the main and safest refuge for families will be difficult to change. Taking care of it and conditioning it to get the most out of it is a habit that will no longer be lost.

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